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Why the Choshen Went Full Bling

Parshah Curiosities: Tetzaveh

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Why the Choshen Went Full Bling: Parshah Curiosities: Tetzaveh

Parshat Tetzaveh contains Divine instructions about fashioning sacred priestly vestments. The most extraordinary and exquisite of them all: the High Priest’s magical Breastplate. Stunningly adorned with 12 precious gemstones set in purest gold; representing the Tribes of Israel before G-d—radiating incredible light, beauty and mystical power. It had to be securely fastened upon the heart of the Kohen Gadol; seemingly emblematic of national equality. Yet, a deeper analysis indicates gross disparities instead. This remarkable lecture delves into a wide range of sources to radically reframe the Breastplate paradigm and ultimately serves to define diversity from a Torah-true perspective!
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Choshen, Tetzaveh

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