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Do the Jews Deserve the Land of Israel?


Do the Jews Deserve the Land of Israel?

The Land of Israel is Heaven’s perfectly suitable gift suited for the Jewish people. By the same token, it is beyond what the Jews can ever deserve.
Pinchas, Matot-Massei, Massei, Division of Israel, Israel

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Hassan Kayssi Mississauga February 8, 2020

Best explanation ever, thank you Reply

Sheina London August 29, 2019

Missing the parsha perks. Is there none for Devarim? They were really great! Reply

Chana H. August 14, 2019

Why did the parsha perks stop? Reply

Chaim Yankel yehupitzville August 4, 2019

nu, why does this not come out every week? Reply

PeterJohn Atlanta GA August 2, 2019

While not Jewish, I found your video immensely rewarding. The intellectual and spiritual nature of Hebrew thought represents the pinnacle of human knowledge and understanding. Thank you. Reply

Chana Givat Zeev August 2, 2019

Well done.
Great Israeli accent too! Reply

Jacquelyn Contreras Portland July 28, 2019

Oh, MC, Bravo. Amazing concepts. Who can tell all His praises? Reply

Andrew Pimentel Lynn July 28, 2019

Modeh ani Reply

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