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What Is the Secret to Winning?

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What Is the Secret to Winning?

When challenges come your way, you can confront them head-on. Better, however, is to come down upon them from above.
Chess, Struggle, Challenge & Adversity, War, Warrior, The, Ki Teitzei

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Jerry U.K. August 29, 2020

Of course you don't know whose side the king is on. and both sides could be thinking that Gd is on their side. So this clip does not really shed true light on the matter. Reply

September 16, 2019

I am happy I read today. Interesting video.

I used to play chess, but then I did not want to participate with graven images. Chess pieces can be described as graven images. Secondly, chess is a win/lose game against another human being.

Am I overthinking this? Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem September 27, 2019
in response to _מ:

Perhaps, After all, the Rebbes played chess. If you google "rebbe chess," in fact, you'll see a photo of the Rebbe playing chess with his father-in-law-, the Frierdiker Rebbe. Reply

Jacquelyn Contreras Portland September 15, 2019

I so get it. God is love= love wins= I win when I live Torah love. Reply

Shaya DC September 13, 2019

Why didn't you include what was perhaps the most important point of the sicha from the Rebbe, that though we may be a lowly pawn in this world, we are the only piece on the board that can become something else entirely..?! Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem September 27, 2019
in response to Shaya:

Different sicha. But tasty side-dish, why not. Reply

Robert B Staub Boynton Beach Florida September 13, 2019

All your videos are Amazing and Inspirational but this one made me laugh uncontrollably!
Thank you very much for the smile ;-) Reply

Daniele Silva September 13, 2019

Great!!!! Reply

K. Toronto September 12, 2019

So, where is the King, either white or black, when 'he is in the field'?

Does take the question onto or upon another level or outlook again? Where, for instance, can we find the colour spectrum from the flat black and white 3D relationship of time and space? Kabbalah? What a thought!! Time of a lull, Elul ... the mind desires to turn, and behold there is the chasm unfolding.

Always a question ... and then, a possibility of an answer, call and echo.

Thanks, Michael Chigel. Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem September 27, 2019
in response to K.:

The King is in the field during a time of peace, not of war. E-L-U-L = I am my beloved and my beloved is mine (אֲנִי לְדוֹדִי וְדוֹדִי לִי). Shana tova! Reply

K. Toronto October 31, 2019
in response to Michael Chighel:

Yes, i apologize i should have emphasized that my idea was to illustrate, not debunk, the idea of a black/white chess game, but a dualitistic universe ... the chasm unfolding, in terms of a new year of Torah studies ... would be an upward spiral, obviously. I did not mean to refer to it as a dungeon.

By the hand of Ha Shem i found a book on the Hebrew alphabet, the Sefer Otiyot, the mystical Alef bait. Thank you for your guidance. Reply

Chana H. September 12, 2019

Glad it's back :) Reply

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