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How’d You Like to Meet the Holiest Man Alive?

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How’d You Like to Meet the Holiest Man Alive?

The Metzora is the consummate Outsider. Of his own accord, he exists on the margins of society. And yet his tormented ostracism is the place where he finds his innermost connection with G-d.
Tzaraat, Teshuvah, Tazria-Metzora, Metzora

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Anonymous ארץ ישראל April 22, 2019

How would you like to meet the holiest man in the world? The subtitles are of great help to many of us. Thank You! Not just in this video. Reply

Andrew B. Thornhill, ON April 14, 2019

Great stuff! Hilarious and insightful and the same time. Keep 'em coming, Michael! Reply

Anonymous Lebanon April 13, 2019

Sublime, absolutely sublime Reply

Chani UK April 12, 2019

Wonderful as always! You give over the Rebbe's insights in a fascinating and engaging way. Todah! And Shabbat shalom, even though it's already Shabbat in Eretz ha Kodesh. I wish I was there... Reply

Chani K Holland🌷 September 7, 2020
in response to Chani:

<Wonderful as always! You give over the Rebbe's insights in a fascinating and engaging way>.
u'r totally right! 😁 Reply

shnarkle Von Barkle Florida April 11, 2019

holiness elicits repentance Gossip, slander, and spreading contention weakens those who spread it. What is going on inside them manifests externally. The bacterium finds a suitable host in those who are spiritually weakened. Spiritual weakness doesn't produce physical strength, does it? I speak from my own experience as a miserable, anti-social argumentative malcontent. It has left me looking like a lizard. I leave a trail of scales while I molt daily. A slight breeze creates a dust cloud. This behavior leaves one despondent, but knowing there is only one solution; repentance. It's a built in characteristic of self preservation, no? The Kohen going out to meet the Metzora shows that it is always holiness that draws the repentant,not the other way around. It is holiness that elicits repentance, and only holiness can return the repentant from exile, rather than the unrepentant unwittingly venturing onto holy ground and being annihilated by the business end of a Scotch-brite pad, although I may try that. Reply

Jacquelyn Contreras Portland April 10, 2019

Nailed it. Let's just smoke on it! lol. Humans are funny. Just one look at holiness. That's all it took. Just one look. Changed 4 ever. Hallelujah. Reply

Anonymous Montreal April 9, 2019

Wonderful!!! Reply

Mendel April 9, 2019

amazing as usual!!! Reply

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