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So Where Do I Get an Interest-Free Loan?


So Where Do I Get an Interest-Free Loan?

Our entire existence is on loan from G-d. The question is, can we make the divine loan into a divine investment?
Behar-Bechukotai, Loans; Credit; Debt, Behar, Lending with Interest

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Pedro Cuvi Santa Cruz June 18, 2019

It took me a while to wrap aroung the idea of separating the Interest free loan from the money category but when achieved, it blew my mind... It's amazing to understand that G-d is investing in my actions and sharing the profits by doing so becoming more involved in my success that I could imagine. Thank you for bringing this complicated subject to a simple explanation. It is wonderful to understand this concept to start investing throughly 'cause we could have the strongest business partner in our side by doing so. Reply

MB US May 25, 2019

Thank you for this series. I have learned so much. Really enjoyed watching Rocky trying to understand this mitzvah! Reply

Spiritual Gemach Yerushalaim May 23, 2019

Thank you rabbi Chighel, shlita. Very nice, your way of talking and facial expressions are very good and refreshing. Maybe I understood your message differently than you actually meant. I understood it like "G-d sent you to this world as a loan to you. Make good use of His loan (live as a good Jew, do mitzvos, etc.) so you become a good investment for Him (give Him nachas ruach - pleasure).
Be blessed and wishing you a meaningful Lag B'Omer Reply

Isaac BROOKLYN May 21, 2019

Cute. However, would you not say that taking interest from a Jew is not allowed for some other reason. Think about it; does Maimonides not consider it a positive commandment to lend to a gentile with interest. Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem May 22, 2019
in response to Isaac:

There is indeed a reason for not taking interest from a Jew. It is not "another reason," however, simply because this particular video, like the particular Sicha it is based on, does not address the issue of reasons altogether. It focuses on the contrast between loans and investments. Reply

Anonymous Canada May 21, 2019

Very creative and I do agree.

Thank you for your wisdom. Reply

Avi Silvermann London May 21, 2019

Interest Free Loans If everybody had interest free loans banks would go out of business, I'm in the loan business after many hard years of labour working back breaking jobs and no one is getting my money without paying interest. I don't lend to my own people because the Mitzvah says not to however I do lend to non Jews who own businesses and cannot get loans from banks, which is allowed I believe in the Torah. Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem May 22, 2019
in response to Avi Silvermann:

Reconfiguring Bank Loans into Bank Investments It is indeed because of this specific problem for Jewish banking that rabbinic reasoning formulated the Heter Iska, namely an essential shift in the basic parameters of the transferred money whereby the money is removed out of the very category of "loan" and placed in the category of "investment." It is the inner logic of this very Heter Iska that is at stake in this particular teaching of the Rebbe. Reply

Donna K Robertson Cleveland June 17, 2019
in response to Avi Silvermann:

I need to apply for a loan ... This is very helpful . Reply

Anonymous UK May 20, 2019

Awesome clip. Great stuff. Totally expected him to punch the screen at some point with those gloves...
Not sure I'm as sharp/k as the bittul dveikus dude to get all the intricacies lol Thanks for the source, look forward to learning it inside. Reply