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Talmudic Collection

Loans and Debts, Lesson 1

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Talmudic Collection: Loans and Debts, Lesson 1

Learn the fundamental principles and basic process for debt collection of loans.
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Talmud, Tractate Bava Basra, Loans; Credit; Debt

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Rabbi Binyomin Bitton August 17, 2014

Halachic Principles / Sholom Bayis To Shimon:

Thank you for the kind feedback and for your suggestion. Yes, from several other comments received on the classes, our 'online community' is interested in hearing the questions from the local audience. I will do my best to keep this in mind in the future and repeat relevant questions to the Talmud discussion.

As for your question -- Every Beth Din is concern about the Shalom Bayis of every family. I'm certain that while applying the law, the Beth Din will do everything necessary to solve this issue peacefully.

It is however beyond the scope of an email to address the scope of this matter, but I would suggest that your friend first consult an expert Orthodox Rabbi in the field for guidance on the matter.

Behatzlacha. Reply

Shimon Cape Town & Surrounds August 15, 2014

Halachic principles Thank you Rabbi. Your classes are superb. Can I make one suggestion that you repeat the questions and comments from those present in real time as they cannot be heard on line.
The situation applies to a good friend of mine, truthfully not me. His wife is so upset with him as the borrower about the possibility of their family home property being lost to repay the lender that she has threatened to leave him. So my question is - does the Bes Din take shalom bayis into consideration when making their halachic ruling about selling the fixed property as 1st guarantor. I assume the Bes Din would offer counselling, but if not effective what then? Reply

Rabbi Binyomin Bitton Vancouver, BC August 15, 2014

Two Halachic principles in conflict To Shimon:

Shalom Uvracha,

I'm not sure that I understand your question -- would you mind to please clarify a bit more what is the case, the situation and the potential conflict of principles?

Thank you. Hope that you're enjoying the classes. Reply

Shimon South Africa August 10, 2014

Shalom bayis In the case of property that borrower still owns as first guarantor, does the Beis Din take into account shalom bayis if this is going to mean this mitzvah is at risk. Two halachic principles would be in conflict. Reply

Pedro August 7, 2014

interactive lessons I like the interactive sessions..where the lecturer is questioned as he explains.
Maybe you should do an interactive sessions online..where questions are asked in text live .Meaning member that are subscribed to chabad can log in and ask live (selected questions). give it a try this technology exists.

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