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Just How Important Is Family?


Just How Important Is Family?

The obvious coefficient of Jewish identity is peoplehood. And yet the Jewish people cannot be defined without reference to the family.
Community and Individuality, Census of the Israelites, Family, Bamidbar

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Anonymous November 20, 2019

This is hilarious! Good message, but her overdone "Valley Girl" voice was killing me! Reply

Anonymous June 12, 2019

Ha haha haha very funny great acting Reply

Asher Friedman Brooklyn June 3, 2019

What's with the background noises Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem June 4, 2019
in response to Asher Friedman:

According to standards set by the ARTBA (American Radio and Television Broadcast Association), a video interview without slightly dissonant background noises is pedagogically ineffective. Reply

Mickey Harel Jerusalem via chabadindia.org June 3, 2019

Great teamwork! Reply

Jacquelyn Contreras Portland June 3, 2019

Nailed that one. Unfortunately, here on the East Coast of America, our families are shattered, and not for want of trying. Floods in the heartland, coyote attacks, tick borne epidemics, neighbors buying semi automatics to prepare for chaos. As we leave Leviticus, G=d the same, yesterday, ToDay, and forever. Cute and talented daughter! BH. Reply

Julie Hirsch Mercer island June 2, 2019

Totally entertaining! Reply

Ayala June 2, 2019

Yayyy go Leah! Reply