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Does Priesthood Imply Celibacy?

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Does Priesthood Imply Celibacy?

The inner principle of celibacy is self-removal from the temptations and distractions of mundane daily life for the sake of a pursuit of holiness. According to the Torah, however, the holiest of holy possibilities is to be found precisely in the most mundane aspect of existence.
Dwelling for G-d in the Physical World, Kohen Gadol, Holiness, Yom Kippur, Acharei-Kedoshim, Acharei, Celibacy

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Sabrina Maryland April 28, 2022

I learn so much from your videos and laugh and smile all the while! Thanks, Rabbi! Reply

Shoshanna US April 27, 2022

Blimey...jolly good show chaps Reply

Anonymous May 4, 2019

Thank you so much, Rabbi. This made my day.
Shavua Tov,
Neil Reply

billie bickers phoenix May 3, 2019

that was fun. Reply

Chani UK May 2, 2019

I always love your insights, but bless your cotton socks, that might be the very worst English accent(s because they kind of ranged all over the country) I've ever heard,

Keep bringing us chochma, binah and da'at from Eretz haKodesh Rabbi. A gute Shabbes from England. Reply

David Miami May 2, 2019

Thank you Reply

George Waters Derby May 1, 2019

Very good, oddly enough I was just musing this topic while out in the garden having a few pints me self :) Reply

Sabrina Maryland May 1, 2019

Rabbi, I absolutely love your parsha videos! Watch them every week! I learn so much and am very entertained! Please keep it up! Best wishes. Reply

Lisa VA May 1, 2019

You’re the best Rabbi 😁🤣 Reply

George Rapino Bronx April 30, 2019

Good onya mate! Reply

Kate Z Arizona via JewishTV Android February 28, 2022
in response to George Rapino:

Good one mate. Reply