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Learning the Haftorah of Beshalach, Part 1

The weekly portion from the Prophets


Learning the Haftorah: Beshalach, Part 1: The weekly portion from the Prophets

Beshalach Haftorah: Hebrew and English
Beshalach Haftarah Companion, Learning the Haftorah of Beshalach, Part 2
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Deborah, Beshalach, Haftarah

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Jenifer Nech Houston January 27, 2018

Very good instruction. Thank you, Rabbi. Reply

Jorge Qro. Mexico February 10, 2017

Beshalach weekly portion What I find new to me is that this Deborah wasn't challenged in her prophecies by anyone, man or woman of her time, so she seems to me more like a visionary politician that a prophet. Of course, that war was fought by Hashem and that is a prophetic element, anyhow, I think I'm going to know more about the prophets of the Tanach at the end of the cycle. I am grateful for the Chabad's, and yours, effort for broadcasting this knowledge. Reply

Miriam Chana Glendale February 5, 2017

Thanks , Rabbi. The insights and the historical background certainly add to my appreciation of the Haftorah. Your enthusiasm for learning is obvious and sets an example for me! Reply

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