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Look in the Mirror

You Are the Greatest Miracle!

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Look in the Mirror : You Are the Greatest Miracle!

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Miracles, Jewish Survival, Beshalach

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Alicia Madrid January 13, 2019

I watched in the mirror and I saw what you said !! Thanks for your suggestions. Reply

יששכר דוב Zeller Chicago January 13, 2019

Profound and yet simplistic.......I wanna add him to my list of who I listen to. Reply

- Toronto January 25, 2016

Wonderful wisdom! Thank you, Rabbi Barber for your wonderful, timely and timeless message.
Looking forward to seeing more of your talks on chabad.org
L'chaim! Reply

Alicia Madrid January 21, 2016

Alicia G-d is our longer stick and He will always be. Shabat Shalom. Reply

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