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Needed: Just ONE Volunteer

A short insight on Parshat Vayeira

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Needed: Just ONE Volunteer: A short insight on Parshat Vayeira

Looking for just one volunteer to do something that will change the world. Can we count on YOU?

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Jacob TOPeka via JewishTV iOS August 26, 2020

is anything too hard for G-d? Reply

Nathalie Australia June 27, 2017

Ho!I just discover you...on this special day☺.
Your messages and wisdoms are so beautiful. ..very very inspiring.
Thank you😍 Reply

Erika kish BC. CAN November 19, 2016

Your messages are so powerful I it brings the goodness out in people to open up in to themselves , And Gods love for us. Could we hope for a weekly message ? That would be really so inspiring .,
Thank you Chana Reply

MLK Brockton Ma November 17, 2016

Chaim Bocher What you are saying is so true in a lot cases people are not there for you they walk away. I go by Barbra Streisand's song People need people . Depression is very common I don't think that there isn't a person who has or still has constant depression . My daughter has a very several illness that can never be cured in fact there really is no knowledge what to do or what medications to prescribe She in on medications . I am in the same shoes I have burning syndrome the minute I lay my head down on a pillow or there times it just comes on by it self my mouth burns like you drank something very hot . In my case I on medications that are not for this illness and I can only have very few pills per day . There are isn't anybody at one or another that doesn't suffer from an serious illness . Reply

David Chester Petach Tikvah, Israel November 16, 2016

Tikun HaOlam Chaim, thank you. By writing as you did you are giving help to others including myself. There are many people whose physical location or disability is both limiting and depressing, but lots of them can type in a few words of appreciation, joy and good wishes to make this world a better place. Reply

Chaim Bochner Brooklyn November 15, 2016

Depessive bad world Chana,

Great work and message. There is an unknown plaque in our society and circles of people feeling depressed.
We need to help them... I know from experience that medicine is not the key. Also, look at the increasing rate of suicides and mental illness despite these great drugs.
Well, I was damaged by it and it hurts me yo see others following that path.
I wish there were a way to connect to them, give them hope, steer them in the direction they want to go (their neshama knows!) so we can help them.
I was not helped this way for 41 years but then I decided to develop self strength. This was mostly by learning Chabad and lots of thought.

I'm still suffering but I see the end of the tunnel.
Oh, how I wish I can help others... Talk and encouragement is mostly needed for chizuk and especially when people are "depressed". Reply

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