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Comfort Yourself

Torah Portion of Eikev

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Comfort Yourself: Torah Portion of Eikev

Isaiah’s prophecy teaches the importance of becoming one’s own comforter and nurturer.
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Haftarah, Seven of Consolation, Eikev

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John Hiers July 27, 2013

Always enjoy Rabbi Kaplan's teaching Like new each time, always ENJOY these!
He always puts the parsha in modern terms that truly helps to explain. Reply

Nat Three Rivers, CA August 27, 2010

What is REAL Hebrew? To the previous comment:

What do you mean "since we speak Hebrew, the kind spoken by the rabbi is terrible to hear... he should either speak English or real Hebrew"???

First of all, your tone is rather rude. Plus, the word "terrible" is a little dramatic.

But second of all, you are showing what is either incredible prejudice or incredible ignorance. Or perhaps both.

Why is YOUR Hebrew the "real Hebrew"? Do you mean "standard modern conversational Hebrew"?

There are SO many accents and dialects... and they are ALL valid and ALL a true part of our rich tapestry of culture. I grew up searching for "choomitz" on "Paysach" but when I go to Israel, it's "chametz" and "Pesach." The Lubavicther Rebbe (and all the Litvisher I know) pronounce say "Shabbos Keidish" and not "Shabbat Kodesh." Are you gonna tell me THAT'S wrong?!

Besides, if you really want to be "AUTHENTIC" then speak with a Yemenite accent! Reply

Deba Edelman Bellevue, WA August 27, 2010

Comfort Yourself I once again enjoyed the teachings of Rabbi Kaplan. It brings to life everyday teachings that we overlook, and some we have to dig for.
As the saying goes "we dig in our heels" if we really want to succeed. Thank you again Rabbi Kaplan for bringing the Torah to life and for your knowledgeable interpretation. Your enthusiasm is so needed and appreciated. Reply

Prof.Dr.Henry Benarey Ph.D. M.Sc. Newark, DE August 19, 2010

The language of the lecture we so much enjoy the subjects and the way they are presented by the rabbi, however, since we speak hebrew the kind spoken by the rabbi is terrible to hear at times we cannot even understand him. He should either speak english or real hebrew. Reply