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What All Adults Should Learn From Children

Parshat Shelach

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What All Adults Should Learn From Children: Parshat Shelach

Ever wonder why children are better at technology than adults? Psychologists think it’s because children approach problem solving differently…

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Richard Lambrecht Keller June 22, 2022

What All Adults Should Learn From Children: Chana You are so right on with this advice As they say dirt stuck on it self is nothing but mud and must be removed. The same way that we adults keep trying to use worn out solutions for new problems. We and G_d should strive to stretch our selves to see what He wants to teach us today. Don't try to get by on yesterdays successes or failures, learn from them and actively grow in Him. Our answer must always be YES to any undertaking that we He assigned us to accomplish through His might power and direction. Our daily life should always be fresh and exciting! "The steadfast love of the L_rd never ceases: His mercies never come to and end. Lamentations 3:22 Reply

David Shirazi Beverly Hills June 3, 2020

So insightful and profound, Thank you Reply

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