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Don’t Let Somebody Take Away What’s Most Precious to You

Parshat Vaetchanan

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Don’t Let Somebody Take Away What’s Most Precious to You: Parshat Vaetchanan

If someone tries to hijack your connection to G-d by being the embodiment of a negative representative, just don’t allow them!

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Anonymous the Netherlands October 4, 2018

Thank you so much.
Some of the people who were important to me, said negative things about me. Though I knew it wasn't true (what they said reflected their own problems), I found myself wondering if I was wrong, repeating their words. And by doing that, their words started to be self-fullfilling prophecies.
I didn't know how to stop these words from popping up in my head.
You gave me the sollution: if words do not better my relationship with G'd (or worse: ruin it), they are not worth repeating. Thank you so much. Reply

Chana Weisberg October 4, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

Thank you for writing and sharing Anonymous. Your describe a very mature and intelligent way of moving forward in a positive direction. Don't worry about their negative words, just focus on your relationship with G-d. Wishing you much success! Reply

alice jena Richmond Hill July 31, 2017

you are appreciated thank you Reply