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Parshah Mnemonics: Ki-Tisa

Decoding the hidden messages

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Parshah Mnemonics: Ki-Tisa: Decoding the hidden messages

The parsha of Ki Tisa contains 139 verses and the mnemonic for is the name ‘Chananel’. Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the parshah.
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Second Tablets, Gimmel, Beit, Aleph, Teshuvah, Breaking of the Tablets, Ki Tisa

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Mike Ettinger Nova Scotia March 6, 2021

God sustains himself in an ever increasing spirit of holy love, with almighty power. How could he exist without time else being constantly new. The wisdom of such a state would be knowing no other spirit could survive such a state other than one of truth and goodness, as there would be no time to repent, a slightly bit of evil spirit would spontaneously increase to self destruction. Only a pure pure innocent love could survive such power and even thrive in the increase. This is the wisdom of god before he formed and then made space and time. This is why we even have time, to be able to repent. Reply

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