Are you a member of the local Tzivos HaShem club in your neighborhood? It’s very special to be part of this world-wide children’s club. Did you know that the name Tzivos HaShem, the Army of HaShem, is mentioned in Parshas Bo ? “And it was on this very day that the entire army of HaShem left the land of Egypt.”

Many things help to make an army strong and successful. Let’s talk about three very important rules.

The first is to obey. We all know that we should listen to our parents, our teachers and other people who guide us. Still, we sometimes say: “Sure, Mommy, I’ll do what you say, but please tell me why I have to do it?” Or “Why does the teacher tell me to do it this way?”

Soldiers on the front don’t ask why. They listen to their commander, who may or may not explain why, and do just as they are ordered. After the battle is over, there may be time to discuss and explain. But while in combat, the soldiers must carry out every order which they are given.

The second important rule is to cooperate. Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Lazeh, all people of Israel are responsible for one another. In the army, cooperating with another person is much more than just a good thing to do. It’s necessary, because it’s the only way that the army can succeed. All the soldiers in any unit depend upon each other.

Soldiers in a tank depend upon the navigator to steer them in the right direction. Parachutists in the air depend upon the pilot to fly the plane at the correct height, and upon radar specialists miles away to give them correct reports. In the armory, soldiers depend on the equipment manager to supply them with the proper arms. And every soldier in the field of battle hopes that his fellow man will help him in time of need.

The third rule is to understand the importance of every individual.

Even though every soldier knows that others care for him and will be there to help him, he must still take full responsibility for himself and for his position. The future of the entire army sometimes depends upon a lone guard at an outpost, or upon the information provided by one radio dispatcher. Every individual soldier must do his job properly in order for the army to succeed.

These three rules must also be followed in HaShem ’s army. We follow HaShem ’s commandments with kabbalas ol. We cooperate with each other, showing Ahavas Yisrael. And each one of us tries his best to do his own job well. This makes our army of Jewish children the strongest and most successful force in the world.

(Adapted from the Sicha of 5th Day of Sukkos, 5741)