There's a nice article on this very topic called Windows.

The idea really comes from one of the major kabbalah teachers of all time, Moses. Moses got stuck with this position that he really wasn't looking for of being a leader, standing, as he put it, "between you people and your G_d". But, like I said, that's not where he wanted to be. So he always tried to engineer things so that, once he made that connection, he could just step out of the way and let things happen.

For example, at Mount Sinai, Moses didn't say, "Hey, I'm going up there to see what G_d wants and I'll come back and tell you all." Instead, he arranged for a meeting between G_d and the people, so that the people themselves should have their own multi-sensory, multi-layered, hyper-kabbalistic experience. Only when the people came and said, "Moses, we can't take this anymore. It's totally blowing our minds and souls out of orbit! You go and find out what He wants and come back and tell us."--only then did Moses reluctantly act as a middle man.

So that's what a real teacher and spiritual guide is supposed to be. A teacher isn't there to tell you about some experience s/he had and now here's what you do with your life. A teacher is supposed to lead you to have your own experience, to see things in a deeper way. To connect you with your G_d—and then get out of the way.