For most of us, this is one of the greatest challenges in life: Knowing when to be tough and when to be soft. Somehow, that little needle managed to figure it all out.

It really comes down to knowing your purpose in life. At the very least, you have to know that you have a purpose. And that it has to do with this world you're stuck in.

When you keep that purpose at front-center stage in your mind, the rest of your act is set out for you. If something is standing in the way of that purpose, you gotta be tough. And if something is there to help you out, you gotta open up and let it in.

Knowing your purpose and how everything fits into that great patchwork whole isn't always cut and dry. A lot of people get really off track—and start sewing their thumbs to their fingers. That's why we have all the wise teachings of the Torah and its sages—sort of like a stitching guide. Nowadays, you can't get by without some basic Kabbalah, as well.