This is the true story of a professor of computer science by day and teacher of Kabbalah by night who had a student who made movies by day, worked out by afternoon, earned money by evening, chased after her desires by night, and sometimes learned Kabbalah as well.

One evening, the Kabbalah teacher computer science professor calls up the movie producer and says, “I have a plant in my home, and it is dying. You know about plants. Please come over and help my plant.”

Miss Movie Producer jumps into her convertible, speeds over to the professor Kabbalist’s apartment, is introduced to a lovely but dying tropical plant, and ponders the plant. She says, “Do you have some scissors?” With the scissors she proceeds to cut away at the plant. “What are you doing to my plant?” asks the Kabbalahprofessor. “I thought you would heal it, not destroy it.”

“I am healing it. It is spreading its life in too many directions. Dead-end directions. We need to put it in a better environment, give it proper nurture. But first we need to get rid of all the dead ends where it is wasting life.”

“That,” the Kabbalist told her, “is why I called you here this evening.”

If Miss Movie Producer is out there watching this animation and reading this blog, perhaps she can tell us the rest of the story.

The Kabbalist was Professor Abraham Polichenco.

—Rabbi Infinity, PhD