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American Idols

Worship of Celebrity

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American Idols - Celebrity: Worship of Celebrity

Today's society reveres famous people just for being famous. What is the difference between celebrityhood and true leadership?
Idolatry; Paganism, Humility, Leadership

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Rolando VA August 29, 2015

Enlightening! Sadly, Western culture is Hollywood culture. Even the head of the nation espouses celebrityhood.
Thank you. Reply

Anonymous March 18, 2014

Just Amazing !!!! Reply

knish man August 7, 2013

Meaning no disrespect, but the comment regarding the peace accord with Egypt is debatable. While it is true that the political climate in Egypt has deteriorated it is equally true that Egypt has maintained peace with Israel. Better the peace accord was signed with Syria or Lebanon,,I think not. While any thing is possible as of now I am not overly concerned with relations between Israel and Egypt, Things can ALWAYS change but 30 years is a good start. Reply

Bogumił Poland July 31, 2013

Thank you Thank you for these words which I found very instructive. Bless you.

Shmary Brownstein July 24, 2013

To Pazit Moses was commanded by G-d to separate himself from family life. The Rebbe did not neglect his wife; he was religious about spending time with her every day. He only agreed to accept the responsibility of being a Rebbe due to her insistence, while she knew that this would diminish the quantity of time they spent together. Other Chabad Rebbes were careful to be involved in the lives of their children, despite their myriad obligations. Regarding talent, Rabbi Friedman is speaking of celebrity worship, not enjoying talent. People put a lot of expectation onto celebrities that have nothing to do with their talents. Yes, it would probably be best not to hold up people with moral problems as an example to your child, as your child should understand that talent does not absolve you of morality, and JLL is not a good example of that attitude. Reply

Pazit Smillie Ontario, Canada July 15, 2013

Confused This video left me with several unanswered questions. Firstly, the Rabbi mentioned that true leaders add to their responsibilities without dropping the old ones, like family. Why then did both Moshe and The Rebbe drop their responsibilities as husbands? I understand that their wives were very willing to be "put aside" so-to-speak, but then, why include this as a necessary aspect of a great leader? I must not be understanding something correctly and would appreciate clarification. Secondly, are celebrity and talent being used synonymously? Can a person become famous for sharing a genuine talent and neither be detrimental to himself or his audience, nor be (or claim to be) a leader because of it? Can it just be a job that he/she enjoys and that people admire (ie. the music itself and/or the ability the individual has to create the music)? Finally, if a person like Jerry Lee Lewis wrote great music but abused his wife, should I not want my child to learn to play piano like him? Reply

misty battle ground November 7, 2012

thank you Rabbi Manis Friedman our focused need to be on true leadership, not false leaders thank you. i wish i could download this and save it to review. bless you Reply

Jean Goodwin Hall May 16, 2012

Thank you for sharing this insight with us This is my afternoon talk , with myself and my children . Thank you Rabbi Reply

Pedro Israel Pina Henderson , Texas May 15, 2012

I am Christian I agree with this video. Amen Reply

rut Mesa, Arizona, USA January 27, 2012

American Idols Worship of Celebrity Dear Rabbi Friedman,
Thank you for opening our eyes in this concern of celebrity factor. I have never been a fan of anyone nor anything. I have only "worshiped" my child. My excuse was that I was a single mother and she had no father or anyone else but me. Until Hashem made me realize the mistake I had made. I repented, surrender her to Him, my daughter and I do not have a relationship today. But that is alright. I am waiting on Hashem's work in our lives. He is the Best Teacher, Leader there is. I truly love your teaching, Rabbi Friedman. As for the Rebbe, blessed be his memory, I wish I could have met him. Again, thank you I will look forward for all your teachings. Reply

Hameda Toronto, ON/CAN January 26, 2012

America Idol Clebrities today want a following of mindless individuals. They export their vulgarity, sensuality, low family values and so-called fashion sense. These so called mentors are encouraging corruption, and a false sense of worth. Family life is no longer discussion arounf the dinner table, rather it is jolification around the T.V

They are the perpetrators and the instigators in the demise of a section of the population who more than anyone else needs encouragement to get them out of the mire.

In fact they are a stumbling block to those who need guidance by promising them happiness which eventually is proven to be an illusion. Reply

Anonymous January 26, 2012

American Idle Thank you Rabbi Manis Friedman!

Ever since American idle started, I pretty much stayed away from even watching it, but many people do watch the talents that come on and like to judge who's talent is most worthy of the title American Idle. I got a check in my spirit to not even be watching, I end up going to the other room to read at times.

Bless you <3

Bonita Reply

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