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Living with the Enemy

Auschwitz Holocaust survivor Freddie Knoller

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Living with the Enemy: Auschwitz Holocaust survivor Freddie Knoller

Auschwitz survivor Freddie Knoller shares his amazing story of survival, including how the Gestapo in Paris thought he was a German and hired him as a translator. (Many viewers may find details described to be extremely disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.)
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Anonymous USA February 16, 2016

Holocost History, Freddie Knoller Mr. Knoller who shared his vivid and poignant historical recollection
of the Holocost and Appalling plight of humanity during this historically
accurrate depiction of what He, the Jewish People and the People of all involved nations were victims of. I can't say what others should learn first though I can say my first thought is how to keep such from ever happenning to any population of people ever again as I look and compare conditions that led up to the fearfull unquestioning obedience to authority that permeated Germany and the German people under a predominately Catholic Christian Society that the Third Reich Ruled. History has shown that an Armed populace produce nations where people prosper and multiply and tyranny recedes. May the Lord give us the ability to protect the Constitution of the United States, do justice and show mercy. Reply

Randi Burton Satellite Beach , Florida July 31, 2012

Mr. Knoller's life What an incrediable story and what an incrediable man! His recall of his experiences, and his ability to express what happened to him, and those around him, in that horrible era is amazing. I am so thankful that he can share his journey with us without anger and bitterness. He still sees positive things amidst all the horror and despair! I could not stop listening to him. Reply

Anonymous Maribor, Slovenia July 31, 2012

Listening with smile What a dignity and light is radiating from this man...he put me smile and joy and proud on my mind .... Reply

Johnie Kemp San Antonio, Texas/US April 19, 2012

Yom Hashoah Mr. Knoller's story is a courageous tale of survival and I found myself admiring him more and more as his story unfolded. I was also gripped with the sadness of all the ones who did not survive though they, too, were brave souls and courageous. We remember the ones we lost through the lives of the ones who survived. It was a time of gloom and darkness and of gross evil over the entire world. But we must also remember those days resulted in the birth of Ysrael and the renewal of the Promise of HaShem. Out of the ashes came hope and it is to that precious, blood bought Hope that we cling. Thank You, Brother Knoller for your life and for sharing it with us. Reply

Pamela Williams Gig Harbor, WA via February 10, 2012

Freddie Knoller Mr. Knoller reminds us that the simplest things of life are the most joyful. For example, finding quote, "grass" unquote to eat. Having the ability to sleep on a mattress and not on a ground that is so cold.

I sigh with sadness that Mr. Knoller's parents did not flee. I assume they too entered the death camps and did not survive. In the same breath however, how wonderful to, after years of being apart, he reunited with his Brothers!

Living in WA but growing up in Bermuda, a commonwealth of Great Britain, I understood his happiness upon receiving a letter from the Queen. When you turn 100, and perhaps Mr. Knoller will, he can receive another letter from Her Majesty!

Many sacrificed their lives to save the 'Jews'. Back then and now, they are people first. The farmers and families that lived near the death camps, may their children repent of their families unwillingness to help all that were demoralized by the German Soldiers et al. Reply

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