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American Idols - Love

The Worship of Love

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American Idols - Love: The Worship of Love

Americans are a society of people who "love to love." But is love itself a value?
Idolatry; Paganism, Marriage, Chesed, Love

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Anonymous hemet April 26, 2019

Amazing, rabbi your Article on idols, thank you I am listening and taking notes, thank you Reply

Rolando VA August 7, 2015

I agree. Thank you for this wonderful lesson and reminder of what love is: kindness. Reply

María Isabel Bolton Graff Pichilemu March 3, 2014

You answered my questions before I asked them.....I will have to listen to your words more than once. Thanks Rabbi Friedman Reply

William Sterling Phoenix,AZ August 11, 2013

Finally the true definition of love! As a Noahide, Gentile who believes in the G_d of Israel and my place as an admirer of the chosen people, I was touched and appreciate so much the wisdom of this Rabbi.
I have never heard love explained so perfectly.
Thank You, I needed this. Reply

Anonymous monsey , NY May 18, 2012

anonymous Rabbi Friedman you are GREAT You are my Idol !! Reply

Annie Toronto, ON CANADA February 5, 2012

the worship of love I'm enjoying listening to this video so much... and hope my kids will listen to it too...
this whole series of 'American Idol' is 100% relevant - long overdue
We are so fortunate to have the Rabbis we have in our generation for our generation
Thank You Reply

Emile Lesbott Nassau, Bahamas January 23, 2012

American Idol - Self worship I truly liked this presentation, I recommend that every parent and youth take time to listen to Rabbi Manis Friedman presentation on Idol, my family and I were truly bless. I would like to thank Chabad for making it available. Reply

Melody Masha Pierson Montreal, Canada January 19, 2012

The Love of Love I want to thank Rabbi Friedman for speaking about this topic. It certainly clarified many thoughts and actions in my life.

Now I understand why I just could not accept the idea of "you must love yourself in order to be able for someone to love you, etc.."

Love yourself? Never sounded right.

Respect yourself may be a better choice. One has to work for it every day in the name of Hashem and ironically it's all the mitzvahs in its many forms that would bring that about. Reply

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