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Friends for Life

Becoming one with your spouse

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Friends for Life: Becoming one with your spouse

The Talmud says, “One who dreams of a river, a kettle and a bird will have a happy marriage.” What do these three symbols represent, and what can they teach us about the methods by which couples can increase intimacy?
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Shalom Bayit (Marital Harmony), Sexuality, Marriage

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Anonymous November 13, 2018

Very nice. River also inspires awe (ever flowing), love (nourishment provided) and fear (floods) of G-d. Kettle is the toil to undestand the nature and science behind the river’s ever flowing nature. Kettle also is a flock of birds that rise (spiritually) when they are together for traveling most distances. Bird represents also how to open your wings and without effort travel most with the forces of nature. Birds also are faithful in marriage when they spend time together and separate when they don’t. Reply

Anonymous Toronto , ON March 15, 2012

I can't believe it! I am in my early 50's, single woman, baal tshuva, and have only been living amongst the observant community the last 2 years, and I have to tell you that listening to these lectures such as this one, the first thougth that went through my mind was 'if we're supposed to shine a light unto the nations with all this beautiful knowledge, it's no wonder we're doing such a lousy job at it! We have SO MUCH TO SHARE that we can't get it organized; and that if we could get it together and share only 10% of the beauty of Judaism, even if only for one week, or perhaps one day the world would certainly change for the good. Everywhere. The ripple effect would go on long enough to welcome Moshiach.

I just needed to share my thoughts prompted by this lecture. Thank You. Reply

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