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Science, Faith and Creation

The Purpose of Existence

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Science, Faith and Creation - Purpose of Existence: The Purpose of Existence

G-d's desire as the precipitating force behind the creation of the universe and its laws.
Creation, Purpose of

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Anonymous mesa June 7, 2012

Science, Faith , And Creation Thank you Rabbi Friedman for this wonderful lecture. It made me realize how important we are for Hashem, blessed be He. What you mentioned is true about the "quietness" of that specific place in our soul. When we look upon it, and seek the Almighty, we find him. Because that is what he truly wants, to be a part of us. Our Creator is awesome!! Blessed be He. He is not far from us. Reply

Fikret M. Zabtcıoglu Istanbul, Turkey June 7, 2012

Purpose of creation Dear Rabbi,

Dwelling Place and the (Need) to belong to a place are Human attributes ! How can we attribute a human need to the Creator?

There must be another purpose for creation.
For the achievement of intimacy and oneness from the human perspective is Complex, and is somewhat difficult to achieve for Most of the human beings.

Best Regards, Reply

Dr. Avraham ben Rafael June 5, 2012

G/d soul purpose etc As easy as these interpretations of "G/d" are, it strikes me that this god can be an especially selfish entity if the purpose for our existence is to establish a home for Him, regardless of the suffering we endure in order to "build" that home. This is a slave-master relationship!
The example of a newborn baby who suffers unending agony because of a congenital illnes and dies soon after birth, cannot be so easily explained by these apologetics. Does the Rabbi dare suggest that the soul of that baby had a purpose to fulfill -which required a short agonizing life?? You will have to come up with a better philosophy Rabbi Friedman - for that god is one whom I utterly reject. Reply

Nick Vasile Moodus, Connecticcut December 7, 2010

Dwelling Place True. We are how he gets around that limit. In other words were it not for us and our particular place in the design, there would be, G-d forbid, a limit on G-d. But seeing that He saw fit to take care of this potential limit through us, and given that we are not seperate from him, than we can say that this situation does not represent a limit, only a free choice that G-d made. But it does fulfill a desire in G-d, I think. I concede that he could have chosen an infinite number of ways, but in the end, thank G-d, he chose us. Thank you so much Yehuda for your response, I truly appreciate someone with whom to ponder these awesome ideas. Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for December 6, 2010

Re: Dwelling Place To say that G-d is lacking something or some knowledge because he is limitless, is itself a limit unto G-d. Reply

Nicholas Vasile Moodus, Connecticut December 5, 2010

Dwelling Place Hello Rabbi Friedman,

You spoke about Hashem seeking a dwelling place in us because we are his simple opposite. I love the way you envision how we bring him pleasure.Since we are in his image only we are capable of sympathizing and understanding him, so to speak, thus forming the basis for a relationship. I have pondered and have a thought, I'd love to hear a response: Since Hashem is everything, and from this perspective of totality He is therefore also nothing, pure undefined existence, Hashem requires a more limited, separated view onto himself in order to come know, appreciate, and enjoy himself better. That's where we come in, I think.If we acquiesce and allow Him to dwell within us in a personal way, and ponder the attributes which he has chosen to create within himself, he can dwell within us peering at himself through our limited viewpoint, where at last He can come to appreciate his unlimited self. Only through our frailty, temporality can he give meaning to his limitless Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for November 10, 2010

Re: Purpose G-d does not change as it says "For I, the Lord, have not changed..." (Malachi 3:6) Reply

Anonymous Brick, NJ November 7, 2010

Purpose You stated that the soul knows before you were born what the purpose of your life is in this world. If G-d is ever changing, does your purpose change or is the purpose part of the greater good for all the universe and therefore changes as the universe changes? If you could stop death by means of G-d's divine will, would you obey him even though it could cause complications to this world? Reply

Anonymous artesia, nm November 3, 2010

other worlds Dear Rabbi Friedman, What did you mean be other worlds? Reply

Daisey Fish Houston, TX USA November 3, 2010

Why did G_d make the dinosaurs? When did the dinosaurs come into creation and what was he thinking when he made them? Reply

Janice Denver, CO/USA November 2, 2010

Unsettled Fire I once asked G-d, when will I ever grow up? He responded, "don't worry you have all eternity."

Be still and Know Peace Reply

Jack Baret Mississauga, Canada October 24, 2010

What do you want? I want a relationship with God. Mr. Friedman is exactly what he says and he says it with beautifully simple elegance. He's the kind of teacher that belongs to both Jew and Gentile. I always looked for someone like him in high school and university but never had the luck to find. I am definitely using his teachings to instruct my own five-year old as well as myself and anyone who wants to listen. God Bless Him! Reply

Anonymous October 18, 2010

Dwelling Place and intimacy Thank you Rabbi. Now I begin to understand why G-d needs a dwelling place and intimacy. May you consider to make available your remarkable lesson in MP3. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan October 17, 2010

Unsettled fire As you said there is Tainug (Pleasure) when I do mitzvah, study Torah or pray. But since I am a convert not yet finished conversion process, there is always a restlessness, unsettled fire burning inside of me. Reply

Linda Slotzberg longueuil, quebec October 16, 2010

part 2/Purpose of existence Extremely fascinating story teller, encourager to life!!, and interesting to listen to!! Reply

Anonymous October 14, 2010

Science, Faith and Creation Do human beings give purpose to angels? Reply

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