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Reflections on "Hayom Yom": Adar I 15

When a stone will take man to task

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Yosef Meyer Jacksonville May 19, 2014

Animal Rights, HaYom Yom, 15 Adar. I enjoyed listening to this HaYom Yom because I'm an Orthodox Jew animal rights activist trying to change the way farm production animals are treated. Forget the shechita ... that's the not-so merciful end to a life of misery, be it cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and yes, chazir. Mankind treats these creatures in such a disgusting manner, this cannot possibly be Hashem's way, yet the food production continues unabated and the vicious cycle never ends. It only accelerates. Watch videos of how Hashem's creations are brutalized ... then we eat them. Reply

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