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A Universal Question

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A Universal Question

What is the most intelligent question regarding the world’s origin?
Creation, Creation, Purpose of

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Adriana Albuquerque Rio de Janeiro, Brazil November 11, 2021

I can´t thank enough for those videos and so much good and clarifying content. Thanks a lot. Reply

Anonymous Olomouc November 15, 2009

Thank you This is like the most inspiring speech I have ever heard. Thak you very much. Reply

Laura Ellen Truelove Sewanee, TN, USA October 30, 2009

The Most Intelligent Question BRILLIANT! Reply

Steve Malta October 18, 2009

The human "why" asks the question and rightly so, but G-d's "why" is different --so thoroughly in the affirmative and overarching is G-d's "why" that it utterly destroys the premise of the "hows" and the "whens".

Still, it is an indispensable part of the human make-up to ask questions (without them no answer will be given --we are not automatons).

To illustrate the point: People and places are given names as part of G-d's Divine will: Wrds like "Mamre" and "Kadesh"; "Abraham", "Issac" and "Jacob", all these have come to define all other people and places because they are immutable expressions of the Creator's will, of which we and our world form a part. Reply

Artie Dobbs Ferry via October 16, 2009

the most intelligent question Rabbi, you've done a masterful job of explaining the importance of "Why?". And "How" is of little value to our miniscule minds. But what about "science" and "When"? Reply

David Silver Spring, MD via October 16, 2009

Not a very helpful explanation. If you have to start from "nothing," and it's not reasonable to start from gas and dust because those are too complex, why is it reasonable to start with God? Isn't God more complex than gas and dust?

I'm all for pursuing a "why" to the extent possible, but R. Friedman is muddying the waters here. If you want to start with "nothing," then you have to go back before God. If there is no "before God," then you've got the same problem that the scientists seem to have-- only your problem is much bigger; all they've got is some gas and dust to explain; you've got an omnipotent, omniscient being. Reply

Ruben Misrahi Beachwood, USA via October 15, 2009

Science's goal is to explain HOW That has and will always be science's "tafkid" (job).

WHY belongs to philosophy and religion. This applies to every natural or sociological phenomena. Science can explain hurricanes, earth quakes, even wars.
The only advantage of science -a big one I must say- is that can be contested and hence corrected with facts. Reply

Jerry Kaplan Fairhaven, MA via October 15, 2009

Thank you-Rabbi Yossi Reply

Rabbi D Miami, FL October 15, 2009

School children I showed this video to my class of fifth graders. I needed to explain it a little but they loved the question and it was a great conversation for the next few days. it really got them thinking.
PS. my students are not religious. Reply

Ligia Maria Schwan Batista Sao Paulo, Brazil October 15, 2009

Why He created the world? One day He made me see thatt He gave us what He didn't have. When we have everything we need to separate what's better and what's useless or worse. That's the begining..........Than we dream and try to create a new way of living, all on our own, but we don't really know what will happen if "our creatures" should have (like us) their own will. At this moment He had loved us as He loved Himself, when He gave us "Will" but we couldn´t understand His World and maybe we didn't even asked about it. Most of us have the same feelings and I think that everyday He is trying to show us WHO is HE. Reply

Steve Malta October 14, 2009

Occam has his work cut out, in the multiplicities ...and if I might also say, this is not only the 'most intelligent' question, but it is the 'only' question.

For there is but One Answer.

Most Excellent and Exalted Be He. Reply

Moshe Chicago, IL October 14, 2009

Great stuff Very good stuff explaining brilliant ideas with simple words. Great conversation openers to discussions about creation, G-d, life, existence etc. Reply

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