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Are You Proud to be a Jew?

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Proud to be a Jew?

Rabbi Manis Friedman discusses how 2,000 years of being discriminated against has affected our self-awareness as Jews. How do we heal? How do we stand up, not in spite of our Jewishness, but because of it? What does it mean to be "Jewishly Proud"?
Jewishness; Jewish Identity, Pride

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Anonymous London July 11, 2017

I just found by DNA that I have two Jewish my father was a full Jew. Very very proud . Feel I belong..I was adopted. Part of the Tribe. Reply

JDV December 25, 2014

Proud to ve a Jew Jews should be proud enough to criticize other Jews who are not doing right - just like a loving parent disciplines her child. Reply

Anonymous February 2, 2014

The easiest thing in the world to defend, is something a father stands by

Thankyou for showing courage, where the world of fools would stare blankly

It is easy enough to say I care, from this distance, but I care Reply

David Levant Emerson,NJ October 10, 2013

To be a proud Jew we must overcome not only extreme prejudges that were wrought against us, we must be proud of our G-D! Over 2000 years of oppression should never subdue us. It should enrage us. When the nations of the Gentiles rise up against us,they will know that G-D is with us, and they will become fearful of us. A righteous Jew or a righteous Jewish nation will never be vanquished. Take pride in being Jewish,and proclaim the supremacy of our G-D! Reply

Akiva Virginia Beach September 15, 2012

Grateful convert Thank you Rabbi, I am a very,very,very proud Jew!!! Reply

Anonymous Kingston, Ontario, Canada July 17, 2012

Pride Applies to What You DO Are you proud of having brown eyes? Are you proud of being exactly X tall? Of course not. You're proud that you control yourself (most of the time). You're proud that you support your family. You're proud of things you DO, not things you ARE or HAVE.

If another Jew does something wonderful, they have reason to be proud...but why is that reason for the rest of us to be proud? Reply

simcha nyc, ny October 16, 2009

great content but, sorry but I find the music a bit annoying Reply

Lipa Kaufman Burlington, VT September 22, 2009

Healing After 2000 Years of Oppression Rabbi Friedman addresses the modern day phenomenon of Jewish "PTSD", "The Stockhold Syndrome". He addresses a critical approach to our own Jewish brand of adaptation and integration (the opposite of dis-integration) which has accompanied 2000 years of oppression.

How Jews survive and how Jews heal. Reply

Anonymous hadassa September 2, 2009

thank you i teach 3rd and 4th grade Judaica
I need pride "in every Jewish custonm in every Jewish sage etc"
they see pride
and they are interested
and maybe proud, too Reply

Leah September 1, 2009

very true just pointing out- the fact is that DURING the 2000 years of oppresion jews were generly more proud of their jewishness than today
most did "shout shema" & kept the Torah no matter what! Reply

Eric Sander Kingston North Hollywood, CA September 1, 2009

ONE The Talmud state: "Iron sharpens iron, scholar the scholar." G-d offered the Torah to others. They refused, knowing the hardship, BUT the hardship is what makes it great AND what makes you great. Until you're proud of who and what you are, how can you be complete. And if you're incomplete, in a way, we're all incomplete. Yes, Tikkun the world, but remember to Tikkun your own sefl/Soul also. Reply

daromi long island, NY August 25, 2009

great!!! they should put up more of these. and they should be in a more visible/accessible please on the page, it's great stuff!! Reply

Lorna Fischer eagle, Id August 23, 2009

I love you and the messages you share, I love you as a Jew, I love the Jewish traditions, the more I learn the more I love you all ..may you all be blessed as you have blessed my live..thank you, thank you, thank you... Reply

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