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The Truth About G-d's Love

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The Truth About G-d's Love

Have you ever loved someone that you didn't need, that didn't matter deeply to you? Probably not, but why? What is the true nature of love?

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Yakov Israel Sheffield December 17, 2013

Hmmm I'm probably more confused after listening to this. lol. Reply

Anonymous BROOKLYN, NEW YORK February 7, 2012

I dont understand Because it says in Pasrshas Yisro that if we follow his bris we will be his favorite nation. He didnt say its unconditional then. It said it was only if we follow his commandmetns Reply

Aharon Dovid Portland September 19, 2010

Thank you Rabbi for this lesson and all your other lessons. Much of what you taught makes sense. Yet, when I reflect upon an event so extreme as the Holocaust the whole Love relationship really makes me doubt.

Sure, one can say (rationalize) that the Jews as a group turned their backs away from G-d's love so that is why G-d may have let it happen. Still, if the explanation or metaphor is going to use human love how can that event be explained while stating their is a loving relationship? Reply

Bruno Simoes Perth, Western Australia September 4, 2019
in response to Aharon Dovid:

There are some things that we simply can not conclude to a reasoning cause as to why G-d allowed it to be, perhaps because our carnal mind set, But we must keep our trust in G-d . However as hard and as traumatizing as the holocaust was for the people, it concluded to a stronger and united faith in G-d for millions across the globe, and a further knowledge,empathy,care and respect for the Jewish
Perhaps a metaphor could be of use here of a Mother's pain during labour to the joyful and miraculous outcome of her First born. one's love is also filled with one's sacrifice

Conor Thackray Chesterfield, England February 2, 2010

Beautiful Beautiful teachings, and very moving, Thank you, Rabbi. Reply

Joanna Zorya December 2, 2009

Most Intelligent Question Re: the comment "However the universe is infinite" does not correspond with scientific thinking which states the universe is finite. A finite universe must have an infinite Creator since otherwise it would have had to have existed before it existed in order to bring itself into being which is impossible. Therefore there had to be an uncaused cause at the beginning and that's G-d. Reply

Robert A. Stok Aventura, Florida via October 16, 2009

Most Intelligent Question Your premise that there had to be a begining before which there was nothing omits the possibility that there was always something, that the universe always exists and that there is no begining or an end. Looking at existance from that perspective makes the question of why was ther a creation moot since there would never have been a creation in the first instance. In man's eye or mind everything has a begining and an end because life is finate, However the universe is infinate and does not necessarily have to have been created since by its nature it could have always exist. Have you ever considered your "question" with that possibility in mind? Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan September 2, 2009

After watching this film, I have started feeling that if I do not do Mitzvot, it will hurt Him, and I do not like that. I should not do that. Reply