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The Jewish View of Cosmology

Learning Pirkei Avot: chapter 5, mishnah 1

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The Jewish View of Cosmology: Learning Pirkei Avot: chapter 5, mishnah 1

The world was created with ten utterances. What does this come to teach us? Certainly, it could have been created with a single utterance. However, this is in order to make the wicked accountable for destroying a world that was created with ten utterances, and to reward the righteous for sustaining a world that was created with ten utterances.
Torah & Science, Creation, Ten Utterances, Ethics of the Fathers

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Rita Forbes MD June 25, 2018

Hello, Chaya
Thank for your lesson about the Jewish View of Cosmology and the creation of the world with 10 utterances. A trait of a good teacher does not just give you a lesson to regurgitate, but causes the student to further research the given material and ask questions to gain a better understanding of the subject matter, which you did. You mention accountability of the wicked and sustainability of the righteous, but man was not created until the 6th day. How can mankind be accountable and make righteous the mess that was made before he was created? I understand what happened after mankind was created, but what occurred before mankind was created to make the world a conundrum? This is in the introduction of the creation story prior to the utterances.Thank you. Reply

Glen Manning La Place June 24, 2018

Thank You! For this lesson, Very informative teaching, I learned so much from it. Reply

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