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Is It Me or You?

What is the moral standard?

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Is It Me or You?: What is the moral standard?

A fundamental principle of morality is the need to treat people as they deserve to be treated and not merely what is comfortable for us…

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Anonymous Puerto Rico November 11, 2015

What i do not find just is that if there is strong evidence and witnesses,even on camara they saw the man commit the murder,there is no capital punishment and if your the family of the victim not only do you have to accept it u have to maintain the murder in jail with your tax money, Reply

Yochanan Edinburgh, U.K. June 23, 2010

Capital Punishment See also "Martin Grossman does not Deserve to Die" article on the Chabad website, which illustrates my above point extremely well. Reply

Yochanan Edinburgh, U.K. June 23, 2010

Capital Punishment I do not agree that capital punishment is part of a moral society. This is because human beings are fallible and mistakes are made.
All people are made in the image and likeness of G-d.
If we should put one innocent person to death in our fallible and oft corrupt system, it is as if we have killed the whole world. Remember the Rosenbergs, for example?
Better that ten guilty men should go free than that one innocent man should be convicted. How much more so is this true when talking of the sanctity of life!
If, in our desire for vengeance, we should shed innocent blood, shall our system and policy of capital punishment not be a desecration of G-d's name? This is why capital punishment has been abolished in most civilised democracies today.
It is time the United States Government and people meditated on this and realized this fact that this system is indeed a desecration of G-d's name. We must look to the Just Judge, who will judge the souls of all with true justice and righteousness on the Day of Judgment. Reply