Science, Faith and Creation

Scientific Dogma

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Science, Faith and Creation - Scientific Dogma: Scientific Dogma

The limits of science in understanding the nature and purpose of our existence.
Evolution, Torah & Science

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Adriana Albuquerque Rio de Janeiro, Brazil November 11, 2021

Thanks again! Very grateful for these videos! For this content and knowledge and your religious wisdom. Reply

Esther Herat St John's, Newfoundland November 5, 2017

How can i put into words the impact of this teaching? Can't wait to finish the series. Thank you over and over again. Reply

Anonymous February 24, 2016

There are several creationist scientists that can prove that evolution is false. It's pretty cool because it matches and proves biblical principles. G-d is All and that, as everything, in Judiasm, once again so beautiful. Reply

Anonymous December 30, 2015

Science is not always Ethical There are consequences when we look away from the things we should be looking at. When we occupy our time and minds with distractions and things that do not have the ability to make the world better. Science answers the curiosity questions but not the ultimate things that living life has to offer a human being.
Just because we can do something does not mean that we should do it and that is where the concepts from our ancestors would help because it gives you the ability to focus on what is important, as well as the ability to think and enhance your life by the infusion of meaning and values that are not materialistic in nature.
You can reduce religion to Darwinian principles and sort of destroy it that way.
Or you can expand your notion of Darwinism in order to incorporate and encompass the genuine phenomenon of your religion. That is way more interesting. Reply

izzy fl June 3, 2012

Thank you so much! This has so helped me .... Reply

Anonymous Pawtucket, USA October 17, 2011

Science Science is man's understanding of what G-d has created.The visible and some invisible.I don't believe I'm related to monkies and apes.I don't swing through trees and eat like they eat.They communicate like an animal.G-d created human beings in his image. G-d communicates, thus we communicate.In the old testament the tower of babel where all the people spoke one language,G-d changed them .That's where all the different people on earth come from. Reply

Anonymous br January 24, 2011

Due Thank you Reply

Julius Romanoff Newtown, PA via jewishcenter.info October 28, 2010

Question for Rabbi Friedman Rabbi Friedman stated that the Jews had the experience of speaking and hearing G-d. Scientic views stress that unless you can duplicate your findings with others, it does not gain validity. This would explain why Jews lost their faith in G-d, since they are unable to see or hear G-d as they once did. It is much easier to place your faith in an Idol, who makes no demands on your behavior before you can get his help. A G-d who demands you follow his rules, but does not give you any reason for having children with handicaps, for Anti-Semitism, or hatred between people makes it difficult to have Faith in an all knowing Lord. His miracle-ability maybe demonstrated daily, but mankind lacks the ability to interprete these events as miracles. Reply

JR brisbane, qld via chabadbrisbane.com October 28, 2010

well said As a traditionally trained chemical engineer I appreciate the rabbi's distinction of the limits of science. many non-scientists, and even some scientists, assume that if a scientist said it it must be true. we are normal people with biases and faults. believing everything a scientist says is not much better than believing all the advertisements on tv. we want you to believe everything we say because it is good for us. otherwise, we would not be smarter than everyone else, which our ego drives us towards. there are many books on this subject and I encourage people to read them. just like getting a second opinion from a doctor, you should not believe everything science tells you, even when we have studied the facts very carefully, we could still be biased without realizing it.
similarly people think science will save the world from the oncoming energy shortages. we will not. we will create and find new things to run out of later. if you want eternal happiness, ask a rabbi to plan for it. Reply

Dave NY October 26, 2010

Not the only Jewish View Rabbi Friedman seems to claim that his view of the world being created fully formed is the jewish/torah view while other rabbis dont seem to think so...

see some discussion here in this book
"Immortality, resurrection, and the age of the universe" you can view it on "google books"

I wonder if rabbi friedman has heard of these other views, and has commented elswhere Reply

Anonymous October 25, 2010

Rabbi Friedman. Thank you for being the messenger of G-d in His assisting me. I am currently taking a Natural History class as a science requirement in college, and boy am I regretting it. The course is based on evolutionary nonsense etc. I am studying for an exam for the class now, and decided to take a break by going to Chabad.org-some soul nourishment. Lo and behold this video is the first video featured today!! G-d takes care of all our souls!! Thank you again. May you be meritorious to do many more mitzvot. Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for Chabad.org October 22, 2010

Re: Great Philosophical Discussion Even the greatest of experiences, if not internalized, once gone, may see us reverting to our original state, or even worse.

See Why the Israelites Made a Golden Calf for an additional explanation. Reply

Robert Rubin Lincoln, MA October 14, 2010

Great Philosophical Discussion I really enjoyed this presentation because it makes one think and realize that we do have a purpose. Is it not to perfect the world that G-d created? A couple of points are not clear to me. You mention that how can people that have talked to and experienced G-d then go to worship idols? Certainly our ancestors at Mt. Sinai chose to defy G-d and worship the golden calf, which they were punished for. Likewise Adam was created to be eternal but his eating of the apple from the tree of knowledge made man not eternal but doomed to eventually pass away. Can you help me square this with your proposition.

Thanks for a great lecture. Now on to part two. Reply

Anonymous Pohang, S Korea October 14, 2010

I have listened to part one of this teaching twice thus far and plan to listen a few more times. I enjoy your presentation and depth, rendering unto science what belongs to science and ultimately illustrating G-d within, without, and above His creation. This teaching helps me to breathe more freely as it deepens my assurance in a loving and powerful Creator. Thank you. Reply

Martha Bogotá, Colombia October 6, 2010

Martha Than-you Rav.Friedman.In this remarkable classe I am learnig to see the limit.
The science is important,but it has one end.
G-d is a genius and He is for ever.
Shalom Reply