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Science, Faith and Creation

The Natural and the Supernatural

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Science, Faith and Creation—Natural and Supernatural: The Natural and the Supernatural

The difference between G‑d’s constant but hidden control over nature and the phenomena that we call miracles.
Nature & the Miraculous, Creation ex nihilo

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Harm (Harry) Ipenburg Temuka, New Zealand April 9, 2014

Dear Rabbi Friedman, after listening to your lecture on miracles I am astounded about the logic and clarity of your reasoning. Although I am a Catholic and not Jewish I do like to listen or read the Chabad articles and lectures. To me they are pearls of wisdom straight from heaven. Reply

WM GOLDSTEIN April 2, 2014

FACTS Facts exist in and out of faith. Reply

Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia February 10, 2014

Very deep and inspiring Dear Rabbi Friedman, thank you very much for these series! Reply

ATM California November 7, 2012

Big Bang Two substances? The Big Bang does posit a Universe from nothing, much as Genesis does. In fact, scientists initially doubted the Big Bang because it was too much like Genesis. Reply

Anonymous Brick, NJ January 21, 2011

Fantastic but hard to retain G-d indeed is above any description man could ever possibly comprehend. The problem I have is seeing the possibilities and utilizing them with nonbelievers. It is so sad not to say anything about G-d in schools, public meetings, etc. I have Jewish heritage, but was brought up a Christian. I am learning so much from listening to your tapes. G-d is continually teaching me about believing in the promises of God. One day he showed me if I believed bombs were bombs then it is so. However, if His protection is around His people and they saw them as birds, then they would become birds. Does that make sense as to how we look at life through G-d's eyes and not our own.
I am so puzzled about terminology of holidays, etc.
Maybe I can help with the one question of why we believe in 12 commandments. G-d gave Moses the ten commandments but Jesus quoted the old testament "Love G-d with all your heart, mind, soul, and body" and "Love one another".
I thank G-d for allowing this to be on the web. Reply

leah spalding costa mesa, ca. January 19, 2011

613 laws I often wondered why the Christians use only 12? never understood that? the freedom of choice part i do understand. but, when you said G-d sent the suffering and the human should not accept to put that suffering towards another human? then why did G-d send the suffering to first human to extend on to another? I understand if the first deserved suffering. but not to extend on to another? sorry if I am confusing you. possibly because I am confused. I enjoy your talks.

Thank you Rabbi Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma January 18, 2011

a journey does involve always, learning itself The conundrums involving Creation do not go away, because our minds have difficulty embracing the notion of infinite. As to something coming from nothing, it does seem, we need always to embrace a profound paradox and that is something did emerge, become emergent and we always need it seems to go back to what was, before the, beginning, an endless thought, world without end.

The word NOT, and KNOT are aurally synonymous. As within the word nothing, is the notion of thing itself. There is actually no way to tease these apart. To be part, and apart, the bipolarity is contained within words themselves. Cruel and Cruel. Keys within words. Word within World. Whirrled being part of world, as to turn.

Our computers are based on a dual system, binary, On/Off.

There was no real "lie" with respect to idol worship because it was part of God's plan, an evolution of thought, towards the notion of ONE. You cannot divorce G_d from the proceedings, because the story was mediated by G_d as you said. Reply

Michelle January 18, 2011

thank you for blessing us with this lesson and may G-d continue to bless you so that we can continue to learn.

@Jack - i used to feel 'left out' similar to how you describe but then although i feel my ancestoral root is Jewish i do not live a Jewish lifestyle but am trying to live and observe the Noahide Laws and how we can all feel the same... by observing them and the Divine Code... maybe if we all recognise there is a place for us here alongside our Jewish Teachers this too can enable more us to feel 'included' also. just a thought... a humble seed maybe... G-d be your guide through your own prayer... i am no expert, that's why i keep comming back to learn more ... nice to meet you, and thanks for speaking up.. another area sometimes some of us don't feel so comfortable doing. G-d bless you Reply

Anonymous Cape Coral , Florida December 24, 2010

Abused Child Miracle ? I don't understand. Is it good or bad? is everything a miracle does it all come from G_d? if it does come from G_d, then is abused children a miracle? and why? Reply

Jack Baret Mississauga, Canada November 9, 2010

Thank-you Mr. Friedman Dear Rabbi:

I cherished your latest lecture on science, faith and creation as usual. I just wanted to make a suggestion and in no way criticize your communicative strategies which are par excellence bar none.

Raised as a Catholic/Gentile I sometimes feel slightly alienated from the discussion like a child that is left out of an "adult conversation" because I am not a Jew.
Would it be possible to tweak the words, and this may apply to all of the speakers at; to secularize the discussion and accommodate the gentile world.

That having been said I feel Jewish anyway after listening and watching your kindness unfold to the world. Thank-you. Reply

Leigh williston, vt November 4, 2010

thank you rabbi friedman Your lectures are so simple yet so deep.

May the world come to know G-d.... Reply

E. Auckland, New Zealand November 4, 2010

Thank you... Wow. it is a miracle. thank you... Reply

Frederick Lawrence Riverside January 8, 2019
in response to E.:

Thank you Rabbi Friedman. So enjoy your lessons. Reply

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