Modeh Ani - Part 2

Continuing Our Meditation

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Modeh Ani - Part 2: Continuing Our Meditation

Continuing the Modeh Ani meditation with a contemplation of the Creator as Author of our personal stories.
Modeh Ani  
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Meditation, Modeh Ani

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Jill Maidhof Overland Park, KS September 19, 2022

May I suggest that you include an instruction to female pray-ers to feminize the verb to modah? Reply

Roberta Brighton, NY September 19, 2019

Greetings! I'm disappointed to see no Closed Captioned on the videos. I'm deaf, don't hear you, don't understand what you're saying :((

I hope you consider Closed Captioned or transcript for each videos for Deaf and Hard of Hearing folks in the future.

Thank you, and Shalom! Reply

Mary Hachita September 20, 2019
in response to Roberta :

Books are available. CC is not always correct. Books are better. I watch CC on tv all day and listen. Many mistakes and misleading. Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman September 23, 2019
in response to Roberta :

Thank you for your comment. We share your concern. We have a team that is adding closed captioning to our videos as rapidly as they can. It's just that our resources are limited. But it certainly is a priority for us. Reply

Luciano Calif January 22, 2021
in response to Mary:

True, when i watch sports,there s translator,the translator should just translate,not change it up. Reply

Anonymous Buenos Aires March 5, 2019

Is there any possibility to have the audio in a written way? Reply

Anonymous September 19, 2014

It gives me silence. Worthfull. Respectfull.
I only want to know how to write these words on paper. Reply

Naomi Young Santa Clarita January 14, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

Modeh ani lefanecha melech chai vekayam she- hehezarta bi nishmati behemla raba emunathcha Reply

Amichai Schneller St.Cloud MN February 6, 2014

The simulated multiverse of Hashem... I love this teaching!! it reminds me that....oneday when we can create holographic space, within our own space,
we could make a model of the universe, not one with numbers like they already have done, with the 1's and zeros, bad example but it stands, is this a model in which one would see the Hebrew letters that started all of creation, the DNA of creation...the Hebrew letters were then put together forming words...BAM! ethereal bodies are created, these letters of creation, are like computer codes... of the creator, and within the codes are the characters/people who are now detecting g-ds presence...?? having certain freedoms?
sounds so infinite...how words can create worlds...creating thought, creating action, creating choices...creating us. very deep and beautiful...
how can I get a copy of "Heaven Exposed," by Tzvi freeman?? kindle? amazon? a signed copy would be cool.

reference to "Bam!" (courtesy of Emeril Lagasse) j/k Reply

Mbs December 21, 2013

Story teller? You almost lost me on this one. Being king is not all bad, you almost apologized for using the word. Reply

Baltasar WashDC April 13, 2013

Simply beautiful and thoughtful Wonderful explanation --- really hits home. Reply

Michelle UK August 17, 2012

thank you for this lesson G-d bless all Reply

Anonymous Salt Lake City, Utah November 9, 2011

Tzvi Freeman You have illuminated and elevated these prayers for me. Please do me a favor, take the repetitive new age music out of the background...it is very distracting, please. Said with all appreciation:) Reply

Gavriel WA October 4, 2011

King of hearts Once i sat on Shabbat meditating on" Why do we grant a human being the privilege of even being a king?" Then i began to vision a poker tournament where all the nations of the world where given a chance to play at being the king of poker. Some nations just got greedy,others just wanted to survive and even some nations we're looking to take out the competation.The remaining nations just wanted a chance to play to be king.The dealer, well that represents the choices of the players ability to have what it takes to be the king.The odds of having all four kings in your hand is pretty rare. Sometimes we can't call the shots in the game of chance we have to hope that the good life we live could merit the hand we are dealt with. The last part of the thought is that G-d is the king,He is the chance ,He is the life, He is apart of everything that goes on during the game of life. For only the Creator can crown a king, it might be good or it might be bad its your choice not His. Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman October 3, 2011

Re: Responsibility? In Jewish law, the king stands beneath the law. It is a historical that when the British parliament executed Charles 1st in 1649, they cited the ruling of Maimonides that a king can be punished by the Sanhedrin for breaking the law.

So, in truth, you are already following much of our religion, since so much of modern civilization is based upon Jewish values. Reply

Bratwurst of Germany 77777 October 3, 2011

Responsibility? In your case, the KING is responsible for everything, because his word is your truth, isn't it?
So, where is your responsibility for something, for anything? Where can you divide your responsibility from the KINGs responsibility?
You should explain that to yourself, and you should ask yourself: Do I believe in my explanation?
What you are telling there, is nothing but a pitfall. It has a huge range of interpretation space, and therefore it's worth nothing... finally, because you cannot define where exactly the line between your and the KINGs responsibility can be drawn.
This always will be highly speculative, so it will always be a truth to believe in, and not a truth to know.
Sorry, but I will NOT follow your religion in any way. Reply

Aline April 28, 2011

Modeh Ani Dear Rabbi,
Your video explaining the Modeh Ani in three parts, has brought me into contact with an experience unknown to me, awe inspiring and full of life. I struggle to fully understand the meaning of the first video though. I hope the experience of the words will reveal themselves to me as has part two.
thank you so much for making the meaning of these words available.
Aline Reply

Mrs. Rachel Cunningham April 7, 2011

THANK YOU! This is helped me so much! Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA October 5, 2010

Modeh Ani Rabbi Tzvi,
I loved this teaching. This is what I wanted. To pray in Hebrew.
There is one question I have. Why is it that I cry from the deepest of my soul when I think about G-d? I feel such a great love for him that I want to be with him.
Is that right or wrong? I feel that my soul missed him my entire life. I know so well that He is not that far away from us, yet I do not want to be here but with him. Please give me an insight on this? Thank you so much. Reply

raziela September 28, 2010

Living for eternity read something last week that said that good deeds are light, and live on eternally while bad or evil is the darkness which just fades away.

So thank you Rabbi Tzvi, yes we must increase our awareness of that and indeed live in eternity. powerful. amen Reply

Devorah Channah st Paul Park September 28, 2010

Perfect exactly what I was looking for !
Appreciate you so very much
Awesome !

Thank you Reply

Raziela September 7, 2010

Rabbi Tzvi Thank you for your uplifting words. We can debate this again in the New Year :)

Thank you also for the insight you gave me that with each year more light is present and that therefore I can and must believe in myself. It is true , there is more light. So excited for Rosh HaShanah. :)

Is it a very good practice to have the words in front of us when we say a blessing? I understand our Holy Tongue is really fire, G-d fire. I understand its a powerful force. If i see the words in front of me , they will imprint on my mind and effect my tongue and my thoughts as I pray. No?

I want to take on this habit this year to only say a blessing with the words in front of me. I want to burn them into my soul. Is this a great idea?

Rabbi Tzvi and all Jews May you be signed and sealed in the book of LIFE, life of Torah, Mitzvot, Kindness and Unity, Shalom, Blessings and material and spiritual wealth, revealed and manifest Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman September 5, 2010

For Raziella G-d answers all your prayers. He eases the suffering of the innocent. Where there is oppression, G-d is there with the oppressed.

It's just that He has given humankind free choice, and He will not interfere. Yet, nevertheless, in the big picture, the wicked will be recompensed and those who suffered innocently at their hands will receive their just reward.

Evil exists within a fleeting moment, but the good endures for eternity. Live in the eternity.

In the meantime, whenever your heart is aching, turn to Him. If you are angry with Him, tell Him so. If you need to cry, cry in His arms. He will hold you tight. Reply

Raziela September 5, 2010

WOW! your kids must love u :)

I still struggle with G-d as a personal G-d since He does not answer our prayers or ease the suffering of the good and innocent. This blessing says G-d is intimately involved but we can see in life that is not the case unless you are a righteous tzaddik who is able to communicate with G-d.
HELP? Reply

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