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Baruch Attah...

Part 1: Holy Bananas

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Baruch Attah... Part 1: Part 1: Holy Bananas

Mindful eating begins by opening a channel. Tzvi Freeman works backwards, step by step, disclosing the thoughts behind a mindful blessing.
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Blessing on Food, Meditation

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Mauricio Blanco Austin, TX November 19, 2021

Fantastic! I'll have to watch these multiple times and internalize it. Thank you Thank you for sharing! Reply

Lynxx ill-noise August 15, 2014

Todah This teaching is a major blessing. and I am the better for being allowed to experience it. Reply

Jose R Luna Bronx, NY January 3, 2012

The gender of G-d..... How can Tzvi Freeman claim Him or "her"? The Creater of the Universe is a male force.

Let's steer away from linking with the mundane 'goddess'....if you want to increase your blessings. Reply

Gavriel Puig houston, tx October 7, 2010

TODA RABA RABI! Great explanation! got me back on my objective. Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman June 9, 2010

Re: bore peri ha-etz?? That's right--the banana grows on a tall herbaceous plant. The trunk contains no woody tissue. The banana may be a fruit--but not the fruit of a tree. The blessing is borei peri ha-adama. Reply

may randolph, nj June 9, 2010

bore peri ha-etz?? i thought it was bore peri ha-etz...why haadama? Reply

Maria Martinez Monte Vista, Colorado June 4, 2010

Baruch Attah - Holy Bannanas Part One Thank you very much, Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. I enjoyed the lecture very much and will be watching Part Two very soon. Have a blessed Shabbat. Reply

Anonymous Lancaster, ny June 4, 2010

THANKS thank you for your teaching. i never eat food until i thank GOD for the food HE has made. thank you.

ps. do you have a book on meditation? thank you, be blessed. Reply

Yair Rotterdam, Netherlands June 4, 2010

Thank you Rabbi Tsvi, it was good hearing your explanations, you teach well.
I have a question: Can it be that the Jod in The Name is from Jehiyeh (will be), the HEH-Wav from Howeh (is), and the last Heh from Hajah (was)? He that will be there, is there and was there.

Shabbat shalom, Reply

Anonymous June 3, 2010

part 1 -30 minutes Spectacular!
You packed this mediation in your usual earthy manner.
I noticed that you listened to those who were off put by the music of other meditations. They had a valid point. The simple guitar is an easy and non-distracting background.
Melech = King of kings and your translation is bang on.
The strategy of teaching the words backwards is novel. I will have to listen to this lesson another two times before attempting part 2.
Your discussion of the YHVH Name is also novel, at least to me. A verb, a moment-by-moment reality (without which existence would stop dead). The YHVH Name is of special interest to me, and you have added yet another layer of understanding to It.
Attah - linked to L'Fenecha of the Mode Ani is rich. (I was told L'Fenecha is actually the innermost You of G-d, but this point is more self-thought than in need of verification.)
Baruch - linked to M'Vorach of the Yehey Shmey Rabba of the Kaddish is another gem of explanatory interconnect
The last point of interest on this initial go-around relates to your non definable G-d. It is an important wisdom. G-d in not only undefinable, and beyond conception. You got me out of the erroneous trap of thinking of G-d as an Energy/Entity an Abstraction a bit different from day to day. You teach a fresh perspective.
I don't know how you learned to teach us what you have learned and how you have codified it and guide your followers so that we layman can get a real gist by standing on your shoulders, and applying ourselves to your wisdom.
High praise Rabbi, but you continually impress.
I look forward to part 2 another day.
Thank you. Reply

Anonymous w June 3, 2010

Hebrew word keedshanu Thank you Rabbi Tzvi for the explanation on the translation. It works. Reply

Anonymous June 2, 2010

MEDITATION Thank you Rabbi, it has been always so far away (from me) the task of meditation explained by the Alter Rebbe in Tanya; thanks to your lessons, I'm started to explore an all-new way of communication and awarness of G-d. Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman June 2, 2010

Re: Hebrew word keedshanu "Kidishanu" may e translated as "and He sanctified us." When a man marries a woman, he uses the same term. He says, "You are hereby sanctified to me." So the word really means "to make special, unique." Reply

Anonymous June 2, 2010

Hebrew word keedshanu I read your translation of the Hebrew word 'kedshanu' as "HIS bride." G-d will make us "His bride." Yet on Shabbos we welcome the Shabbat Bride in Lecha Dodi. There seems to be a switch in gender, no? Reply

Anonymous June 2, 2010

looking forward Can't wait to learn parts 1 and 2 of these blessings. 19 and 30 minutes will take me a while to get to. Have had these blessings over food on the back burner for a long time. Now may be the time to incorporate them with my journey.
Thank you. Reply

M Goldstein Palatine, IL June 2, 2010

What does first fruits refer to? Blessings to you and thank you for your teachiing. Can you tell me what first fruits refers to? Is that celebrated during certain holidays? Does the Torah teach to increase our giving during a first fruits season/holiday?
Thank you, Reply

Anonymous Camarillo, CA June 1, 2010

Thanks In your analysis of the word "Adonai", you articulated my own ideas about G-d so precisely that I broke into tears of joy. Thank-you for this and all of your writings. Reply

Syed Shahid Ali Karachi, Pakistan June 1, 2010

Great Interpretation! This is a great interpretation. Thanks for sharing!

Regards. Reply

In order to give one’s words wings with which they may fly, we endeavor to infuse them with meditative intentions. Learning to inspire prayer with meditation greatly enhances the experience and imbues it with enhanced meaning and reach. This series offers guided meditations appropriate to everyday prayer.
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