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Jewish Mindfulness

A Practical Training Session

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Jewish Mindfulness: A Practical Training Session

Spiritual teacher, Rabbi Laibl Wolf, leads a workshop at Chabad of Oxford. He describes various focussing techniques and leads the group in a meditation exercise.
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Kabbalah, Meditation

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Dane San Francisco July 22, 2017

Interesting lecture. It's a pity the camera didn't focus on the presentation slides. Reply

Shannon Nase Amarillo,Texas February 21, 2017

I am hoping 2017 is not too late to comment!I do not know why but I seem to be able to see things and understand things that seem to be classified as Kabbala!My great grandfather was Rabbi Jacob however I was brought up in the Catholic church! I no longer identify with religion at all!Things I didn't think of ever believing in I now can see as possible!I have very deep scriptural things I know I am suppose to share and I sometimes feel like a loony tune and it is so deep most can not comprehend!Please, if you can, direct me to someone I may share a lot of deep information with!Thanks Reply

Anonymous November 11, 2013

very insightful, caring and wholesome Reply

Marcello Brazil January 13, 2013

Compliments Dear Rabbi, thank you very much. Reply

rut USA January 12, 2013

Jewish Mindfulness Wonderful lecture Rabbi Wolf. I would like very much to study more from you. This lesson has helped me a lot. Thank you Reply

Denise Thornhill December 20, 2012

Excellent lecture Very helpful to understand meditation in a Jewish context. I always enjoy R' Wolf's classes. Reply

Mrs. Yehudis Kaplan July 9, 2012

Thank you. I would have loved to see the visuals, Thank you, Rabbi. I would have loved to see the visuals and/or to be able to listen during my only free time :my commute to work (would need mp3 download)
In general, the lecture is satisfying a famished "flow of energy"
Thank you. Reply

Noted scholars and experts in their fields share their knowledge at the Oxford University Chabad Society.
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