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A Calmness Meditation


A Calmness Meditation

How to stay calm and happy during the Corona days.

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Anonymous March 22, 2020

If I may express my deep appreciation for all Tzvi's works, and as a Chassidut scholar, let me say how much quality and quantity of information this meditation contains, to give some reference of this meditation: Iggeret Hakodesh Epistole 11, explaining that the Emunah required from us to profess in that Epistole must be contained in ourselves, which is somewhat the content of Liqutei Amarim Tanya Chapter 18 - 19.
Once you read those sources and return here, you will capture a little more reb Tzvi's genius...

Good health to everyone and Moshiach now Reply

Sofia March 23, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

Thank you for your beautiful comment, and additional information. I will look into both sources, I bet it is very interesting and enlightening, and will take your advise to return to listen to it after.
Good health to you as well and stay safe. Reply

David March 22, 2020

Thanks for this beautiful message and music and meditation.
Refuah shleima to all.
Peace and healing to all.
Very best wishes and blessings David Reply

Zoe March 19, 2020

❤️ Reply

Sofia March 17, 2020

I love this meditation, this is second time I am listening, it is so needed these days... I had a crazy day today, I begun to work from home, and you would think, well, less stress, today for me was the opposite. Everyone was stressed, people needed staff right away, etc. So I stopped for a moment and I remembered this meditation that I listened last night and felt that may be I am ok, I felt unusually peaceful moments that were enveloping me. I really felt it, It gave me strength.... Thank you...! Reply

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