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Questions and Answers About Moshiach

Moshiach Facts, Lesson 1

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Questions and Answers About Moshiach: Moshiach Facts, Lesson 1

Rabbi Raskin asks and answers five basic questions about the concept of Moshiach.
Moshiach and the Future Redemption

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Esther Herat August 20, 2017

I am watching this video in 2017 and all I can say is a heartfelt thank you, thank you and thank you. I await the Moshiach and this lesson is very profound. Reply

Yitzchak Chaim June 12, 2015

Asleep and Awake Asleep-my eyes are shut
The darkness burns, stings, and cuts
My dreams are strong and overwhelm
Chaos blinds my holy realm

Finally, He comes to wake
"I am your bride, your soul to take"
He laughs and smiles- "There is no theft"
In truth your soul has never left.

Awake again, is this the day?
Is my sin alive or gone away?
The wall stands but do the people still fall?
Has He heard our faithful call?

I am awake-it's really true
My past is gone; I start anew
The old nightmares are hard to see
My joyous love is in eternity Reply

Alma Lopez Hollywood July 12, 2013

Moshiach Rabbi Raskin, thank you for your meaningful lectures. And since this is about ‘Moshiach‘ I want to share this thoughts with you and your readers.
I heard for the first time on your lectures, he word ‘very good‘, and stay in my mind, I personally don’t speak Hebrew, but here and there my ear goes back to Sanai. Anyhow I relate in such an intense manner, the time between the 17 of Tamuz thru the 9 Th of Av, as thru your lectures I have learned a quite amount of understanding of the meaning of the Hebrew letters and numbers, I ask, how can it be, that the preparation to welcome the Moshiach be a continuation of sorrow and pain, specially when you explained that this is the Messianic millennium? Isn’t clear the number 17=‘tov’ ‘meaning good, should continue higher and higher till it reach the 9 Th of Av after ’21 days’ ? 21 mean ‘very good’ instead to fuel the ‘bad‘ why instead fuel ‘the good’ to ‘very good’ as the the letter ‘Tet’ represent pregnancy, fruition on the ‘9’ month, why will I expect my baby in the middle of tears? And also You said Moses prayed 515 prayer requesting to enter the Land, Isn’t total of ’11’ or ‘1’ ‘1’
It is obvious that someone is knocking our doors. We are a collective group of creation, and as I hear your lectures. I think, it could be you, as well, who bring this change.
May G-d hear our prayers of true love for Him, and the complete redemption fill the earth as we speak.
Thank for helping us to reveal the ‘real woman’ in us.
Almah-Ruth Reply

rut USA January 9, 2013

Questions and Answers About Moshiach Thank you Rabbi Raskin for such a wonderful teaching about Moshiach. I would like to ask the same question to blessed Moshiach as the Rebbe asked. Where have you been all this time? I am also waiting for him passionately, then we will all be able to worship our King together in unity. What a great day it will be. Baruch Hashem!!! Reply

Anonymous charlotte, NC July 2, 2012

Moshiach Talks of Rabbi Raskin It is very good to watch Rabbi Raskin,because his love of Hashems Word and the Word thru the Prophets shines so brightly but doesnt burn the spirit,just awakens it with the "cooling" light of knowledge.It seems this way to me, because Rabbi Raskins energy is as full of Hope as a Pomegranate is full of all those juicy seeds.
Thank You Rabbi Raskin for all your hours of studying,praying,and being, so that you are a HDS ( HopeDeliverySystem) !!
I am glad to hear His voice today on the 12th of Tammuz. Reply