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Resurrection of the Dead

Moshiach Facts, Lesson 2

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Resurrection of the Dead: Moshiach Facts, Lesson 2

One of Maimonides' Principles of Faith is that the dead will live again. This class presents an overview of this fundamental concept from biblical, logical, and historical perspectives.
Moshiach and the Future Redemption, Resurrection of the Dead

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Borys February 18, 2016

teeth and what about teeth?

my mother knocked me out one tooth and her son broke me the other one.
When Messiah comes - are my teeth going to teethe again?

This would still be amazing even though this is normal in other species. Reply

pedroq quz November 10, 2012

the soul back into the body rebbi: you said "without the body the soul is lame , by putting the soul back into the body can the person truly , receive the reward by doing all the mitzbah in this world" so if we do the mitzbahs we need the body ? so is Abraham , Isaac and jacob coming back to this world to receive rewards by doing mitzbah.? what if this world does not exists? why not just exists without the body.? impression: looks like we need the body, then how can we live forever? is it possible. so where is elijah he never died , he was taken by G-D. can his body still exist...? Reply

pedroq quz November 10, 2012

its true "if it happens once it can happen again" in reference to life rabbi Aaron Laskin yes the dead can come to life . Reply

Anonymous Sudbury, MA July 5, 2012

Timing for Resurrection Dear Rabbi Raskin,
I have tried to piece together a chronology such as you presented regarding t'chiyas ha-meitim from the Rambam's work - he is very vague on the ordering of eschatological events. (He even says, as you know I'm sure, that even in the era of Mashiach, people will continue to die.) Can you tell me the source for your ordering - Sanhedrin? Also, can you give me the source of the midrash that Moshe will lead the meisim and the midrash of the Zambatyon river?
A shaynem dank! Reply