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Life After Life: Lesson 1

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Resurrection: Body 2.0: Life After Life: Lesson 1

A fundamental Jewish belief is that we will live in our bodies a second time around. But after experiencing life in heaven, why would any soul want to return to this earth?
Life After Death, Resurrection of the Dead

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Anonymous Chicago March 5, 2014

Resurection The dead will rise 40 years after Moshiach comes. This is because Noach's flood was 40 days. And G-D repays in tens, as in the 10 dimensions that correspond to the 10 fingers in a person who has 10 dimensions with which to make a dwelling place for G-D. Reply

Joseph Bs As, Ar via denverjewishcenter.com November 19, 2013

Resurrection of the body Back in July 7, 2013 I asked about atonement,
But still have trouble understanding all this when I try to link all this with Vayikra 17:11 For the soul of the flesh is in the blood, and I have therefore given it to you [to be placed] upon the altar, to atone for your souls. For it is the blood that atones for the soul. Reply

Heather April 5, 2018
in response to Joseph :

Only the blood of an animal can be used as an offering, and the sacrifice must be burnt to ashes, eaten, etc in the prescribed manner. If no animal can be afforded, some offerings are allowed to substitute flour and I believe oil. In the Tanakh (Bible), we read the speech king Solomon gave on the day the Temple was first opened. There it clearly says that if there is no Temple to make offerings in, then prayer is 100% acceptable as a substitute. The prophets also state this. If the comment was supposed to suggest that blood atonement (the Christian J-man) is needed, that is a gross misunderstandong of scripture. Human sacrifice is forbidden, offerings didnt always havr to include blood, sin offerings had specific laws and didnt cover many sins, the Torah states clearly that HaShem has no image and so we may not worship anything in heaven or earth, J-man wasnt an animal offered on an alter to be eaten by the priests but was hanged on a stake after a life full of Torah violation, etc... Reply

Anonymous Center osdipee NH USA November 16, 2013

Resurrection Body 2.0 Thank you so much for explaining Life after life and the other lectures in this series. I finally understand the great importance of mitzvas. I was lost to what other than "obedience" was so important. Now I know that I need not fear HaShem. I am free to do HaShems will. Not bound by a set of laws. There is such a difference. I dont need to be afraid of death. I may revel in the happiness of pleasing Ha shem. I strongly recommend this series. I have listened twice and will listen again when my emunah starts to be weakened. Sally and Dennis Reply

Wilfried Debruyne Sint-Eloois-Winkel October 2, 2013

Good afternoon. I specially wondered what happens with a married couple. Is there a way they will for ever be together, viewing the fact that in marriage they have become one? Reply

itta July 30, 2013

I really enjoyed the class. I especially loved the Baal Shem Tov story - where is the source for it? Reply

Anonymous USA July 11, 2013

Resurrection: Body 2.0 I love your teachings, although still have not much understanding of it. I grew up in another religion and it has taken a long struggle. But, one thing I can say is that all I ask of Hashem, blessed be He, is to help me be able to be in His Kingdom, even if it is in a little corner just to see His glory and praise Him for an eternity. My love for Him is one I cannot describe. If loving Him takes to do Tzedaka all throughout our physical life, I have tried to do juts that in my own little means I have. I have been blessed with His presence, His love, and Compassion. That is all I know. I wish to learn more about Him. And that is what I try to do every day of my life. But most of all to know Him, His ways, and love Him as much as He loves me. For I know that His love is for all His creation. I wish to learn the way He loves us. For the love I perceive from Him is unfathomable. Thank you for your teachings. Baruch Hashem! Reply

Anonymous California July 10, 2013

Afterlife Is the body united with the soul after death? Also if we return to earth, in what form? Reply

Dr Katherine Hans Von Rotes Schild Zitler July 9, 2013

the nature of existence All realities are vibrational thought energy waves. The Book of Creation explains this. Reply

Nomi Freeman July 9, 2013

To Anonymous from Argentina For atonement, please watch "Using your future to change your past", a lecture on the power of Teshuvah.


Anonymous BsAs, Argentina via denverjewishcenter.com July 9, 2013

Resurrection. How do I find atonement for my sins? Reply

Jewliah Parnos Lebanon July 7, 2013

Why am I here? Very interesting lecture, did not manage to finish it though.
Thank you very much, and G-d bless you always :) Reply

Dov silverman Ra''anana, Israel March 26, 2012

Thank you for your lessons. The discussion of various levels of spirituality you compared to the layering of clothes is a good analogy. I suggest you reconsider the souls status when it arrives in Gan Eden or Eden. It seems to me that the only way the soul can progress is on earth not heaven. Here it has the environment to influence it to do wrong and the ability to choose whether or not to do so. Little merit can be gained in Eden.For in your description there is only the possibility to do good. I do not see doing Mitzvot as enlarging my souls bank account. We should be doing mIztvot because it is right to do so. Give without the will to receive.
Respectfully, Dov Silverman Reply

Nomi Freeman Thornhil, Ontario March 5, 2012

Gilgulim A soul could be in more than one body . We can take one candle and light many others, yet it's flame is not diminished. Reply

(Rachael) Inez Dunker Hitchcock, Texas March 2, 2012

Resurrection This is a good question, I believe one needs to ask G-d that or ask a Rabbi, because I truly don't know, other than G-d hears and answers prayers and does things that man cannot do. I love life and immerse myself in Torah, our Appointed Celebrations, Shabbat and almost everything else I can do that is good, prayer and mitzvahs. I am very grateful to G-d and to the doctors, sometimes we must seek G-d and ask Him oneself. I am not good in making any of His decisions, He just does what He wants to do and does it. I needed Him and He came through, We are resurrected in the body of G-d's desires, but ask a Hassidic Rabbi for more info on this subject, they have wonderful Rabbis with great answers.
Of course I AM WRITING THIS WITH GREAT KINDNESS. It was a huge miracle for me!
I have attended the birth of my Grandchildren, watched them grow, accomplished many things and I teach them Torah and how to pray, been to children's weddings and so on and so on. I am so blessed! Reply

Anonymous Richmond Hill, Cananda March 2, 2012

Resurrection A phenomenal class! Incredibly deep subject matter delivered in an inspirational & comforting manner that may be understood by all! Reply

Deb Myers Mequon, WI USA March 1, 2012

Resurrection What a lovely gift G-d has given you for being able to retell beautiful info!!! Reply

Catherine NY, NY March 1, 2012

MITZVOTS Niomi, this series of life after death has to be the most singularly important topic on Chabad. If people knew more about the importance of good-deeds/verses bad-deeds, and the knowledge that they could indeed elevate themselves in the next world, I am sure they would spend more time doing good deeds rather than bad. You bring this teaching to life by your wonderful ability to tell a story to fit the lesson you are revealing to us. Thank you for the reminder that we count in this world., and it is the small things that really matter, because we ALL can do them.
Most people have forgotten or don't believe in this level of understanding. Just the very discussion elevates the soul that yearns to know more and more. We need more people to encourage others to invest in their own "futures". Reply

S Katz Far Rockaway, NY, NY February 29, 2012

gilgulim If a soul has had to come back into a different reincarnation, to which body does the soul get resurrected with?

Thank you,it was very inspiring and uplifting. Reply

Rachael-Inez Medellin Dunker February 29, 2012

resurrection Thank you so much for educating us. Naomi-After my Heart Transplant one of the many times I had a dream. I was lying ion my bed at home still healing I fell asleep, I felt my soul leave my body, I was ascending up higher and higher, I turn to see my body on the bed. I saw there was an outline of smoke going up, I then saw sparks of fire igniting then fire outline my body. The flames were beautiful outlining my body, they connecting as the fire grew, going straight up, they then connected with me in that spiritual realm and it become one with me. I entered into the heavens, the flame became one, I knew G~d was there, His presence all around me. I loved being there seeing everything so beautiful in a holy atmosphere, the colors which I see are so vibrant. I felt the separation of body and soul. This happens w/o me ever planning, it happens either in my dreaming or when I sit and automatically start to pray to G~d Almighty with Love and Gratitude. Your teachings are True. 10 yrs HeartTr. Reply

Nomi Freeman Thornhil, Ontario February 23, 2012


Angels rebelling is not a Jewish concept, 
The text in Isaiah 14:12 refers to a " bright star", According to the commentators, the spiritual entity representing Babylon/ Nebuchadnetzar. Please see Rashi , Ibn Ezra and Metzudat David there.
The Torah does  speak about angels who fell to earth. The Medrash explains how  some angels expressed their disgust with human weakness and sin. The Creator responded, " if you were in their place, you might not do any better". And so He threw them down here, where "The sons of Elokim  saw the daughters of man..." Genesis 6:2 , and behaved as the humans they criticized ( see the second concept in Rashi there). 
Angels live in a spiritual world, where physical temptation doesn't exist and G-dly light is revealed and obvious. Under such circumstances, it would be madness to sin. Hence, "they have no freedom of choice." Reply

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