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Life After Life: Lesson 2

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Afterlife Insurance: Life After Life: Lesson 2

Thousands of people alive today have had a near-death experience (NDE). For most of them, their time on the other side of life was short but life-transforming. What do the Talmud and Kabbalah say about such experiences? How can this knowledge assist us in our lives now?
Life After Death, Near-Death Experience

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Judy. January 13, 2015

Very much inspiring. Amazing experiences. Thank you, I already watched three times. Reply

Anonymous tucson May 9, 2014

Very good conclusions and compilation of NDE's. I agree with you on the commonalities between NDE's that you have stated. I now feel more comfortable with what I saw and heard, and I attribute it to having a Jewish soul. All in common is that we all find that god exists and we want to make sure we do good and pass good habits to our kids while we still have time with them. After a NDE and you are told to live in the word of Torah and make sure you do the same for your kids, but never did or thought you would, how to get into the habits after so long of not "being jewish", as I know what I have to do, but my mother didn't do it with me so I have no clue how to do anything, I suppose help from other jewish women is the only way to "relearn", because I too saw that we are reincarnated...something that I would NEVER think before the NDE, but god showed me I had done this before. Even more embarrassing I saw the Rabbi, the day after the NDE I began to peek at this web page to see why! Reply

Lidia Marina Hurovich Neiva brasilia, Brasil April 15, 2012

Thanks I want to thank you for this wonderful lecture, so clear and full of love and hope.
These inspiring words came to me in a very sad time, and I feel blessed to had found this video, I cried a lot while watching.
Thanks again! Reply

Heidi Ann Franke China March 31, 2012

After Life Insurance So beautiful! Thank you, Nomi. Encouraging to hear these wonderful stories of love and hope. From other accounts I've heard or read about, it seems no matter what country, culture, belief or situation, there is a Loving Light who loves us all unconditionally. I especially like what you mentioned that your father told you, in part 3--to do as many mitzvahs as possible because Meshiach's coming soon. Shalom Reply

Nomi freeman Thornhill March 18, 2012

For Mark How wonderful that you were saved!
We all have important things to accomplish ,for you the message is more obvious.
I am still studying the topic and interviewing more people who had NDEs.
NDErs are people from all backgrounds, faiths, nationalities, age groups and beliefs. This is necessary to deliver a Universal message to humanity.
In exceptional cases, as with Rachel Noam,we can see a reason. Growing up in an atheist environment,she was taught that " there is no G-d". Her grandmother, however, told her, " I know G-d exists". One day,looking at a beautiful sunset, Rachel thought "there must be a Creator behind this". She looked up and said:" G-d, if you exist, I want to see You". A few years later, on her birthday, she experienced an amazing NDE, where she found herself in front of the most Magnificent, Infinite, All Loving Light, totally beyond any Light and Love found in this world. She understood she had a purpose to fulfill, and she asked to return. She is now Tora observant. Reply

Mark NyC , USA March 16, 2012

After Life Insurance How does one "pay the premium"? That is: do you find from your studies any pattern to whom Hashem chooses to contact thru NDEs and who not? I have had 2 significant mishaps where I should have been killed or suffered severe, permanent damage, but I was unscathed. I attribute the results to Hashem, altho I was surely not deserving. While I thank Him every day, I had no NDE vision or the like either time. So I return to my original question. Thanks so much. Reply

Sara Chana PA March 13, 2012

After Life Insurance Thank you for teaching such lofty ideas in a clear and understandable way! I am so inspired by your talks! It makes everyday life so meaningful, to keep the little everyday details in perspective' and to see the "big" picture, our goal in life, what is really important. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Reply

Nomi freeman Thornhill, Ont March 4, 2012

To anon Trenton, NJ This class continues this Monday (3-5-12) and next (3-12-12) right here. Reply

Catherine NY, ny March 1, 2012

NDE I experience a NDE on 3/3/06. It was a car accident and my 9 year old son was with me. An NDE doesn't mean you have to flatline out. You can have an NDE if certain condtions also occur. I saw complete white. I never felt the impact. When i woke up, the environment was a slightly different color, (very vivid). Time also went very fast. However, my son and I were OK, brought to the emergency room, and met a very tall man who introduced himself as "Gabriel". He told us we would be fine. All throughout the month I kept meeting people who were either Gabriel. or Gabriella etc. On March (Adar) 13th, my insurance company told me the bill for the car was $13,313. (date was 3/13. I began to research that number and it led to Books of Antiquities and the number there was the book JOURNEY OF THE SOUL, by Mussar. I called a rabbi from Williamsburg. He told me I was definitely contacted by G-d, and to pursue it. Which I did, and my life was changed completely,for the better. Reply

Esther bat Sara Ameinu Norman, OK/ USA February 28, 2012

After life Insurance Extremely powerful. Touch deep my heart. Tears.
Thanks a lot for this class. I want to tell more about what I feel but my English is "broken".


Anonymous Trenton, NJ February 28, 2012

What an amazing teaching! This new understanding of NDEs will certainly change my life, and therefore, the lives of those around me. Thank you, and please advise as to when/where we can see the "part 2" that you referenced--the difference between NDEs of Jews versus those of other people. This is fascinating and life-changing information. Thank you. Reply

Artie Samuel Dobbs Ferry, NY February 28, 2012

n.d.e. Your talk was life-changing! May you go from strength to strength and continue to insprire others without diminishing your own light. I have never had a n.d.e., but vicariously I benefitted from those you read. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA February 27, 2012

After Life Insurance Thank you Mrs. Freeman for such wonderful teaching. I never had an NDE, but I have had many visions and dreams where I've seen myself in other dimensions. There was one time when I was going through a very difficult times, here in Arizona, and I got quite ill. Emotionally, physically, and heart broken. But never stop praying to the Eternal G-d for His guidance and deliverance. I did a lot of teshuvah, rethinking of my past and, He, with an overwhelming love have spoken to me in many ways. As well, He has shown me that other dimension where only spirit dwell. These experiences are the one keeping me strong today at 64 yrs of age. Have lost many meaningful human being I have loved but my hope is in Hashem. We all sin against our Eternal, Loving, King, and Master, but once we find in our heart to return to Him in meaningful, true, repentance His Embrace is there with open arms. Again, thank you for your teaching, I will look forward for the continuation of these eye open lessons. Shalom Reply

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