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Where Does a Soul Go When Someone Dies?

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Where Does a Soul Go When Someone Dies?

Imagine a discussion between a refrigerator and electricity. The refrigerator is plugged in and it's cooling food. Now, suddenly, the plug is pulled and the refrigerator says to the electricity, "Where do you go when the plug is pulled?"
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Anonymous March 10, 2017

I am in age now and have experienced many losses of loved ones already on this journey. Chaotic or not, negative or positive there is an order to this entire universe. My understanding with deep respect to Judaism is that our soul was, is and will continue as energy. The body is a container. The soul/energy has to dwell where it was sent and it will return from whence it came. How should my soul spend it's energy here? It was contained in this body for a reason. Reply

Brian Shapiro Pine Bush, NY via March 5, 2017

Random Thoughts. Where do we go when we die?

It conjurs up thoughts of eternity. Our thoughts of our limitations. Everyone answers in their own way. Why do we ask the question? What about those sparks? Are thy just Jewish sparks? Isn't this when we call the wise elders? Where do we go when we die? What if we don't go anywhere? Things may just have changed, and what if we came back as a hamentashen? Reply

Samuel Wenger Los Angeles March 3, 2017

I'm just glad HaShem loves me and loves you. I am glad and thankful I belong to a faith that does not limit our Creator to an abstract "energy' but keeps his secrets for our own good. It was Judaism with the Torah that produced a Cosmic story told in s personal way and has the distinction to be true in all of them in its mysterious way. We gave the world the awareness their is someone who really knows you. Of course I really do not know a thing except I know I am loved and so are you...So don't worry what's going to happen. Look at it this way. Would any of you not come if any of your children called out to you in fear and love? I'll leave it at that Reply

Jaimee linder Palm Desert, CA March 3, 2017

Interesting. I found this explanation very simplistic and wonder after all the books I have read from Dr. Brian Weiss, my anthropology and sociology studies seems to explain on a much deeper level the soul extraordinary journey complex. The discussion here I felt was too short and does not fully give the soul its due. Yes our bodies can be seen as the box. That the soul takes refuge in but should you all not fully explain our journey of the soul, the years that our soul continues to find a new "box". I would certainly appreciate from the holistic mystical journey. Reply

Anonymous Huixquilucan March 2, 2017

I think the problem is to know if our consciousness will remain after death. Reply

Stephanie Helene New York, New York March 2, 2017

I'm sorry. I'm really confused. I've never heard anything like that. Could someone elaborate? Reply

Danny M Easton PA March 2, 2017

Excellent! Reply

Anonymous Petach Tikva, Israel March 1, 2017

Gone home here? The question has not been properly answered. The analogy is fine and proper but to claim that the place of the soul is still here is not logically related to the rest of Heaven. Reply

luap ny February 28, 2017

why make a distinction between the box and the electricity- each may be precieved as two separate things from the human point of view. They actually exist in the same universe, as a manifestation of the same electricity. In fact from the quantum point of view the electricity and atoms of the box exist by the same quantum forces but reveal themselves to human experience as a different manifestation of the same thing. Reply

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