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Empowering Reflections

It is an ancient idea that everything in the universe also exists within us on a small scale. Jewish tradition has plenty of sources mapping the body into the world’s processes, the Torah’s commandments, and the ethical trajectory of human life. The body is not just a random collection of bones and sinews, but a reflection of holiness and cosmic order.
Torah does not accept the premise that an act done in private only affects oneself. Science now knows that in many complex systems, small causes can have very unpredictable affects. Spiritually, we are one interconnected system, and have far reaching affects.
We need to be very aware of how we live our lives and the decisions we make, because our decisions can affect not only our own lives, but even those of our future descendants.
Looking back at history we can often uncover a guiding Divine providence in many situations. What about the Divine providence in our own history? How many apparently coincidental events in our lives made us who we are?
All too often in our lives, we place limits where they do not belong. We tell ourselves that emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually we can only achieve so much. We must realize that the key to breaking these shackles is to know that the boundaries are imagined.
The philosophy in Jewish outreach: Every mitzvah that a Jew does has infinite value to our Father in Heaven.
Just as one cannot see in the dark, the world too can be misleading. Torah is more than a moral code or wisdom to achieve scholarship; most importantly, it enables us to see.
Did you ever think about the fact that your physical body, emotions, and intellect are constantly changing throughout your life. Where is the real you? Where is that place of permanence?
The essence of slavery is not being in control of your time. Even without a taskmaster, our sense of self-expression and self-fulfillment is imprisoned without taking control of our time. The first commandment that the Jewish nation received, was establishing the new moon, in essence putting time in our hands—the most basic premise of freedom.
How to Honor the Departed
One of the most frequently asked questions after someone loses a loved one is for insight as to what they can do to honor and uplift the soul of the departed. Jewish tradition offers guidance for the most significant actions that preserve our connection to the deceased and help elevate their soul in the heavenly realms.
What is the origin and history of the Shield of David?
What is the history of the Star of David? How did it become associated with Judaism?