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What’s the Value of Just One Mitzvah?

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What's the Value of Just One Mitzvah?

The philosophy in Jewish outreach: Every mitzvah that a Jew does has infinite value to our Father in Heaven.
Shabbat, Mitzvah, Outreach & Influence

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frank morris lawrenceburg July 20, 2015

We must never give up. Father waits for us. Reply

Naomi Miami, FL July 16, 2015

One Mitzvah at a time Short & Sweet. This was beautiful, B'H! Thank you for such an inspirational message. Reply

frank tennessee July 16, 2015

just one mitzvah i want this more than anything in my life, just taking baby steps to hashem . but i will keep moving foward. Reply

Casper Netherlands July 16, 2015

Very valuable insight Something to keep in mind! Reply

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