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When We Are Grateful, the Good Gets Better

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When We Are Grateful, the Good Gets Better

Some people are grateful because they are happy. But in truth, we are happy because we are grateful.
Gratitude; Appreciation

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Joshu Mark Jerusalem November 24, 2020

I loved it! I love the idea of the first word of the day is Modeh and the blessings that it brings. I am so miserable and frightened when I wake up. I feel like there is a weight of fear that is already consuming my aching thoughts. And yet I get up. Somehow I get up. Somehow I push through the terror and get myself into the groove of the day. But your idea of saying Modeh even when I'm miserable sounds logical; my making a hole, even if I don't feel it, in that misery there is an opening for blessing to come in. Like at the beach when I would make a hole in the sand and the sea water would fill it up, blessing fills the vacuums that my good deeds make in my sadness. And that feels terrific! Thank you! Reply

Leah Maryland via JewishTV iOS October 25, 2020

Wow! So nice! Thank you! Reply

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