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Being Religious is Not a Quick Fix


Being Religious is Not a Quick Fix

Here's a confession. Torah observant Jews have questions. They can have crisis of faith, moments of feeling isolated and abandoned by G d.
Orthodox Judaism, Faith; Belief in G-d, Religion; Religious Ritual

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Emil (אלישע) Grinevitch February 14, 2018

Dear and beloved Chana, the essence of your messages is inexhaustible. As a devoted fan of yours I watch them again and again, and I never cease to be pleasantly surprised by the true essence that you are trying to convey to us. Thank you for your work, for sharing your wisdom, faith, and knowledge! Reply

Anonymous November 15, 2017

The message as always is meaningful and relevant.
Thank you.
But why the addition of background music?
I humbly opine that it's too loud and distracting and does not enhance the message.
In addition there are unfortunately many aveilim who aren't allowed to listen to music. Reply

Dina Leah Albuquerque, NM November 15, 2017

Thank you! I really needed to hear this! Thank you for this. I’ve been working towards being baala teshuva, and in my learning, I have found out things about Torah life and beliefs that I had no idea even existed. So, it’s led me to question if it’s worth going on. It doesn’t help that my husband isn’t 100% onboard as he questions religious life. We don’t live where there is a real Torah Observant community. B”H we have Chabad here with a wonderful rabbi and wife who have helped answer many of our questions and given some guidance. I thought it was just us. Thanks for the reassurance that those who grew up and are still practicing a Torah lif3 also have questions and doubts. But, I guess I’m like everyone who needs to seek answers to questions. I have disabilities and my husband has cancer so it does bring many questions about emunah, bitachon, and hope in Hashem. Now, I feel more normal rather than wrong for asking questions.
I love your writings and videos. Reply

Chana Weisberg Lakewood December 20, 2017
in response to Dina Leah:

Dear Dina Leah,
I am humbled by your words and awed by your faith despite what you are going through. Stay strong! I wish you only good and happiness in your journey forward. Reply