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What Are Your Priorities?

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What Are Your Priorities?

Here's why an inflexible list of goals or priorities that doesn’t accommodate change, leaves you lacking.

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Steve Nelson St. Petersburg, FL December 7, 2017

Truth expressed is what is expected. Beautiful compelling message! Reply

Confused Scranton, PA December 4, 2017

Isn't the taking care of the child part of the service of g-d?
is it only "prayer" which can be considered serving g-d?
Are there really "other small things" that matter other than the service of our creator? Reply

Chana Weisberg December 6, 2017
in response to Confused:

Yes, that's the point that taking care of a child is part of one's G-dly service. There are many "small things" in our service of our Creator and at every stage of our lives we need to consider which one is most important to attend to at this moment. Reply

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