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Jewish Near-Death Experiences

Life After Life: Lesson 3


Jewish Near-Death Experiences: Life After Life: Lesson 3

Are Jewish near-death experiences somehow unique? Hear several amazing stories of Jewish people’s accounts of their own NDEs.
Life After Death, Near-Death Experience

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Anonymous Michigan November 2, 2019

I had an NDE in 2008. What I remember was in five distinct what I refer to as experiences. I say experiences in that it felt as I had not died, it felt very real. I was not born nor raised Jewish, however in one of the experiences I was in a shul sanctuary. It was candle light and Hebrew letters floating in the air around me. Specifically the letters אהלא stood out the most. This was following experiences where I was in other seemingly physical places, one a house with an old man staring at me. There was a snake in the floor moving towards me, there was across from me and a revolver next to me. He seemed to want to help me. He did not though, I could not speak or move. No matter how hard I tried I could not reach for the gun, I could not speak any words, only thought. I don't have enough space to type everything. That is some of it, I don't typically talk openly of it and I don't know why I felt the need now. I have been attempting to understand it for years. Any insights? Reply

Ariella Fishman Texas July 26, 2019

I died as a child. Was gone for an hour. It changed me deeply. There is so much to share with others. Reply

Anonymous August 14, 2018


I had an NDE. Felt myself leave my body and float towards light through a fast moving tunnel. It took me many years to recover since my soul didn’t want to be back in my body. Reply

Mark USA June 19, 2018

I've never had a NDE but I have spent many years trying to find God. I searched many religions, I strayed a lot, but in my heart, there has always been this small set of "rules" and interestingly they line up with the ten commandments. I have known right from wrong even from my first memories. I always knew that there is a God and that God really loves us. The question was, which God is the right God? Are any religions correct? Was I just hallucinating? I had to find out. God was patient and gently guided me whenever I strayed and showed me his unconditional love. I recently came to a conclusion that Judaism is the correct religion and that the God of the Jews is the correct God. Ever since I feel at peace. I want to obey this incredibly loving and forgiving God. Even as I write this, my eyes are watery. God doesn't always work in obvious ways, many times, it's very subtle, but you know it is God's work if you pay attention. Reply

Jeremy Stack Everett January 30, 2018

I had an nde. Changed my life Reply

Rabbi Donn Gross February 1, 2018
in response to Jeremy Stack:

I'd be very interested to hear about it, if you'd like to share.

I can be reached at RabbiDonnGross @ gmail Reply

Chaia NY September 25, 2016

Nde I am reading about people's experiences with ndes and I'm fascinated by it. Hopefully this is real because I'm not well and would like to think that after this life despite what I've done I may be in a wonderful place instead of being beaten by demons as I heard from one Jewish women's account. It's difficult to think of the end when you imagine horror but if there's beauty we would not be afraid of the end Reply

Rebecca NC January 28, 2020
in response to Chaia:

I fell in love with G-d reading the books of the prophets. Follow Him as He reveals Himself to you. He has written eternity on our hearts. He wants for us to draw near to Him even more than we in our human frailty could ever desire or love Him. Reply

Anonymous Texas February 14, 2016

I had a ND at three weeks I have always sensed the spiritual world I had another ND at 35 no near death experience but now mynspiritual connection is like a door I can open or close. Never saw "the other "side" that I remember but My favorite movie is Defending Your Life with Meryl Streep sounds like your experiences. I sense the movie is one aspect of what happens. I also am certain of reincarnation. Reply

Julie Smith Sydney August 16, 2014

This was fascinating, thank you. I would love to chat to you one day, but I'm in Sydney. What a wonderful message from your father. I was told a similar thing in the experience I had - not a NDE. May we be ready when the day comes. Reply

M. Friedman July 23, 2014

NDE After studying thanatology and a tremendous amount of additional reading about NDE, I can only conclude that the experiences are very similar (regardless of religious affiliation).
However, the individuals "belief structure" helps guide them with comfort through the NDE.
Hopefully, this makes sense to those who read it. Reply

Anonymous Indiana,USA July 2, 2014

An NDE Connection to the Future I am Jewish and experienced an NDE when my son was 6 years old. The NDE has something to do with a purpose for my son. As time passed, I then experienced the death of my 28 year old son. He was living in Israel when he died. Many of his friends kept going to an Orthodox Rabbi in Jerusalem to question why such a person dies. He was the kind of person that always helped people and brought joy into a room. Finally this Rabbi in Jerusalem went to a Chabad Center in Jerusalem. As he walked in an old Chassidic Rabbi grab his arm and said ,"your here about the boy,come we need to talk. And they did talk. He knew about me, my son's father and everything about my son. We were told that my son had reach the highest level in heaven. And he was the Rabbi's mentor and was the highest level mentor the Rabbi had ever had. The Orthodox Rabbi ask what my son mentored to the Rabbi ."About the tomorrows to come" was one answer. Your presentation was helpful to my understanding. Reply

Anonymous Tucson May 9, 2014

My NDE similar. very interesting, I too had the same experience, in my NDE my soul was declared Jewish and god promised that my children would be taken in by the Chabad community and not to worry they would be taught in those ways after I die. I was laying on my back crying saying thank you, I felt comfort and as I prepared to go over to the other side, or was there already many Jewish people from Chabad came in a group and I felt a bright light hit my forehead. God repaired my body and let me come back for my children. I am not religious and I've never "been Jewish", but I started to light the candles because of what I saw and heard, (far too much to write) I visited this Chabad page only because I had this strange NDE when I have never been affiliated with Chabad, never knew god existed for certain until NDE. I am not into organized religion but I have a special feeling for Chabad now that im humiliated about because people think I might have gone crazy, but cant ignore my life given back to me. Reply

John Smith Canonsburg April 11, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

THANK YOU for sharing! Sam Pittsburgh 4/11/20 Reply

Julie UK July 17, 2013

To Anonymous, London I am really sorry to hear of your loss. May G_d comfort you and aleviate your fears. Wherever else your brother may be he will always live in your heart. Reply

Anonymous London UK. July 15, 2013

Afterlife My older brother passed away recently. I kept refusing to believe he's dead and hoping that G-d will give him another chance. Although I was in this hope I kept this all a secret from everybody else.
Now that the funeral has passed. I am really upsetting myself wondering if he's OK & where he is. I love and miss him like I could ever comprehend.
I wish I could talk to him he died so young. Reply

John Smith Canonsburg April 11, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

Your experience and wonder was the same as mine when I lost my parents. I began my research into NDES after that. I can say - the afterlife is not describable in words; and those who have passed and returned did not want to return as the afterlife is too wonderful. Your brother is fine and will see you when it is time. Sam Pittsburgh 4/11/20 Reply

Donn Caldwell, NJ September 4, 2012

How Come Hi Nomi:
I have heard many many accounts and often there is a life review. The individuals judge themselves. However, the Jewish experiences I have heard are very intense, seemingly more so than non Jews. Non the less, there is no more powerful information than an NDE to Mkarev & Mchazaik people. These experiences have been given in order to share with others. Reply

Herman King Wicomico, Va September 4, 2012

NDEs The works of Robt. Crookall are thorough studies of NDE experiences also OBEs (out-of-body) Reply

John Smith Canonsburg April 11, 2020
in response to Herman King:

Thank you for that reference. He looks like a pioneer (1890-1981). I haven't correlated parapsychology and OBEs with NDES as much but will look into it. Reply

Julie Durham, UK September 3, 2012

further to Nomi's post In my NDE I judged myself. There was another figure there but there was only love from it, not judgement. I think we judge ourselves in the form that we most likely expect from our religious practice. All thoughts are self generated I think, but the unconditional love and forgiveness given in NDE is hard for anyone to imagine Reply

Herman King Gloucester, Va USA August 12, 2012

NDE NDEs are shared by Jews, Christians, even atheists. Must be objective experiences. Reply

Nomi freeman Toronto July 24, 2012

How come I recently received a call from a Jew who had an interesting NDE. He agreed to share his story with me, but wanted to remain anonymous . Following my lecture on the topic, I also interviewed three women who had NDEs. What I found interesting is that several observant Jews had a Bais Din in their experience. I don't know of people in other groups who found themselves judged by a tribunal. Reply

Hermsn King Wicomico, Va USA July 22, 2012

ethnicity are there jews and gentiles in the next dimension? Reply

Donn Caldwell, NJ July 18, 2012

How come Jews are so reluctant to share their NDE stories? I have sought people willing to have their stories recorded and put on Youtube...yo no avail. There are plenty of other faiths putting their stories out there and precious few Jewish stories. Reply

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