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My Piece of Eternity

The Talmud on the World to Come, Lesson 1

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My Piece of Eternity: The Talmud on the World to Come, Lesson 1

This inaugural class on the final chapter of tractate Sanhedrin covers the opening Mishnah, which speaks of “who will, and who won't, receive a portion of the proverbial World-to-Come.” Amongst the fascinating topics covered in this Talmud series are Torah definitions for Heaven, Hell and the Resurrection; the Uniqueness of the Jewish Soul; the definition of Heresy; and when Evil is Irretrievable.
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Apikores, Sanhedrin, Resurrection of the Dead, World To Come, Talmud

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Gabriel Schecter October 26, 2021

Rabbi Kaplan

As a retired Jewish man, I have been studying Torah and Talmud. I noted that you spoke of the apikores and its consequences in one your videos. Some friends studying with me noted the following pesuk which appears to reference possible apikorism who creates perversity by statute. We are asking for your perspective on Psalms 94:20-22

Shall the seat of wickedness have fellowship with Thee, Which create mischief by statute? They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, And condemn innocent blood.

But the LORD hath been my high tower, And my God the rock of my refuge.”

B"H Reply

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