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A New Reality


A New Reality

What will the world be like in the messianic era? What is the meaning a “new Torah” being revealed in the times of Moshiach? Will Mitzvah observance be the same? In a perfected world, which the messianic era will usher in, what will be the objective of doing mitzvahs?
Torah Study during the Messianic Era, Moshiach and the Future Redemption

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Dan December 30, 2018

Where does it say there will be a new Torah? Reply

Simcha Bart for Chabad.org January 2, 2019
in response to Dan:

On the verse in Isaiah (51:4) "...when Torah shall emanate from Me, and My judgment [shall be] for the light of the peoples..." The Midrash Rabah (on Leviticus 13:3) interprets this verse as "a New Torah will emanate..." Reply

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