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What Is Judgement Day?

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What Is Judgement Day?

Should we be afraid of divine judgment in the messianic era? What is the nature of this reckoning in a good and redeemed world?
World To Come, Moshiach and the Future Redemption

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Avi Montreal December 6, 2020

What is the source for what he is saying at the beginning?

It's written everywhere. See the Ramban shaar hagemul and the Ramchal maamar Haikarim just to cite two sources.

We are being judged every night, every year, after we die and right before tehiyat hametim. Some will wake up forever. Other will rest forever. There is no Mahloket on this.

Please give s source to support what he says in the beginning of the video if not remove the video because this is false information and does not reflect the view of any of our real Chachamim. Worst than that, it attacks one of the thirteen principles of emouna by implying there is no final judgment on an individual level at the end of time. According to rambam, anyone who doesn't believe in one of those thirteen principles has no share in the next world. Reply

Anonymous October 13, 2021
in response to Avi:

I think what he's saying is that we've already been judged repeatedly for thousands of years and have been punished through all of our suffering. Since this was all known and we knew that we would be going in exile with an eventual return, it can be said that we have already been judged in advance. In exile, we have been subject to the negative influences of the nations, so we were not able to be our true selves. This is taken into consideration. The one variable for us, really, is time. How long will it take until all Jews have achieved good enough Teshuvah? The goal for us now is to "get it together." The amount of suffering that we are put through is strongly dependent upon the free will of the nations. The nations, who rejected the covenant, have been running the show for centuries. They wanted to do things their way rather than listen to G-d. In the final judgement, we'll get to assess the extent of damage that they have caused by trying to run the world without G-d's guidelines. Reply

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